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RTW Retro Flight #94 Zurich to Cologne-Bonn . . . . 1958

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Swissair 842 is a Douglas DC-6B CB-17 on a mid-October, early evening flight from Zurich to Cologne-Bonn’s Wahn airport (LSZH - EDDK). We have 1,200 gallons of fuel on board for the 211 nm flight of about one hour and thirty Minutes. Moderate cloud cover is reported and we will be cruising at an altitude of 15,500 feet. (This flight predates both airport sceneries by about 21/2 years.


Thanks to:

Aircraft: Douglas DC-6B CB-17. Aircraft by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson with FD by FSAviator. The 1958 Swissair paint is by Frank Gonzalez. Released by Wayne Hansen and Tom Gibson.

Propliner AI & Traffic: CalClassic & FS Aviator - Tom Gibson, Mike Stevens, Jason Krogmann, Manuel Jagmann, Bill Towers, Nikko Yaginuma, Richard Wright, Frederick Coleman, Dave Jones, Paul Haak, Marty Lochmiller, Ake Lindberg, Harland Sandberg, Richard Wright and Gary Harper. At www.calclassic.com

Scenery and Add-ons: MS FS2004 v9.1 Standard and:

- Zurich and Cologne-Bonn Wahn airports are from the 1961 Central Europe scenery package by Wolfgang Gersch, Harry Biard, Michael Schneider, Jaap de Baare, Nikko Yaginuma, Tom Gibson, Bernard Leuenberger and Mike Stevens at www.calclassic.com

- Swissair 1958 timetable from the collection of Björn Larsson and David Zekria at www.timetableimages.com

- Rwy12 and EZ Static Object and Scenery Libraries. At www.flightsim.com

- FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries v4a by Wolfgang Gersch. At www.flightsim.com

- REX FS9 w/Overdrive & SP5.

- Flight One Ground Environment Pro II

- FS Genesis UT Europe.


Click to Enlarge . . . . . .


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_01.jpg

1. Swissair Timetable July 1 to October 31, 1958.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_02.jpg

2. Flight plan filed, passengers embarked, hatches buttoned up and starting number one.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_03.jpg

3. Taxiing to runway 16 for departure.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_04.jpg

4. We are away and cranking up the gear.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_05.jpg

5. Turning on a heading of 345 for Cologne-Bonn.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_06.jpg

6. Climbing through 5,000 feet with the town of Eglisau and the Rhine River below.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_07.jpg

7. We take a look out to the right as we pass through 11,000 feet.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_08.jpg

8. Cruising at our assigned altitude of 15,500 feet we see the city of Söllingen, Germany and the Wupper River.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_09.jpg

9. Continuing over the forested area of the Rhineland-Palatinate of western Germany.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_10.jpg

10. The light begins to fade as we cruise about 3 nm west of Hauenstein.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_11.jpg

11. We are now 8 nm northwest of Kaiserslautern.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_12.jpg

12. We experience a gap in the clouds near Bad Kreuznach.


More in the reply . . . . . . . . .


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Click to Enlarge . . . . . .


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_13.jpg

13. We begin our descent and turn toward the northwest.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_14.jpg

14. Passing through 11,000 feet south of Remagen we see the Rhine River through a break in the clouds.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_15.jpg

15. The sun is low in the west as we descend through 7,000 feet.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_16.jpg

16. We are at 5,000 feet about 12 nm from Cologne-Bonn.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_17.jpg

17. Turning to intercept our approach to runway 32 at Whan airport.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_18.jpg

18. About 5 nm out with gear down and flaps 40 the moon appears from behind the clouds.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_19.jpg

19. Lined up on short final.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_20.jpg

20. Touchdown.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_21.jpg

21. Turning off the runway and taxiing to the terminal.


Douglas DC-6B_Swissair_22.jpg

22. Parked, engines shut down and passengers disembarked. Thanks for flying Swissair.


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Great flight! Like the passengers views! On the other hand, Swissair had remained a fine airline by 1980. Their service was fine and landing or embarking in Geneva was a real pleasure! :):)
Gérard Guichard, Dijon, Burgundy, France. i5 Intel processor, 4 Go of Ram, Nvidia GeForce 920MX, DirectX 12.0, and FSX Gold Edition with SP1, SP2. My personal flightsim website is at http://flightlessons.6te.net
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Larry, I looked at your shots many times, the Calclassic vintage fields available for FSX, miss a lot of details compared to the same fields in your posts! Can you solve that! :mad: Soon! ;) PAH!
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