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Installing Loads Of AI Aircraft Repaints All At Once Query


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Hi there, I downloaded From http://www.web.archive.org 4652 Repaints for old Project AI AI Aircraft Models.


And I want to install them all in one go. But the PAI Texture Manager Utility, only seems to let you install one .zip File at a time.


Doing 4652, one at a time will take me ages to do hours potentially. I have two Payware Programs called Addit Pro ! for FS2004 and NXGNSIM's Livery Manager, and I have the same problem with them.


Are there any Freeware or Payware AI Aircraft Texture Manager Programs, amongst others, that allow you to install many Texture.zip Files at once ?


And if so what are they called ? and at which Websites, can you download them from ? Any help and info would be much appreciated.

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Thankyou T-Gibson for your excellent suggestion, I will look into that. Unfortunately, the AI Aircraft repaint textures, are needed for Flight One's Payware Ultimate Traffic 1. And AI Flight Planner, can't read the UT1 Traffic.bgl properly, or compile the file again accurately.


When reading it says there are errors, in altitudes in The Flightplans and other errors. When really there are none. However that Payware addon uses, the Project AI base models in Ultimate Traffic 1, which the repaints are for. I am hoping, although unlikely to exist, there is a Project AI Repaints I.e .zip File etc to .utu

File converter.


The Ultimate Traffic Updater, uses .utu Files to update, the assigned Aircraft in Ultimate Traffic 1, I.e. additional AI Aircraft repaints for a given model.


Then you simply run a compile, and the UT1 compiler can compile the Traffic.bgl File again. And the new repainted AI Aircraft, will be present, in the assigned Flightplan. And the Traffic will show up in FS2004.


Or easier still, a PAI Texture Manager, more recent Version, that allows you to bulk install, the PAI Repaint textures, instead of 1 at a time.


I have found more recent Versions, than the one I downloaded, but when I click to download them. It says web.archive.org, doesn't have that page archived. There is a Version 0.6 etc.

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