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FSX Disk Install


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Probably just wait until it finishes. Can take long.


If halfway "error copying file ..." then

use file explorer to browse to that file on the cd. Single click it. (single only). Close file explorer.

Go back to install window that's still open. Click 'retry'.



If when inserting disk you have to wait very long, cd drive makes lot of noise. You may have a conflict with an installed cd writer software running in the background. See my post here (I posted about that in other threads too.) It's not just the one be writer software I use, others do it too.


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Hi fly,

There is a known conflict with the way the data is encoded on the fsx discs and various programs which modify the way discs are read. Microsoft recommends removing the offending programs but I've found that by going into Safe mode and copying both discs to a common folder and running Setup from the new folder works well. Setup can be run in normal mode and installation will be much faster than it would be from disc. The discs have many common files and either skipping or overwriting is okay.

Jim F.


Here's my FSX folder:


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Last time I installed FSX to Windows 7, I didn't even get to see the the normal install billboard screens as I did when installing it to Windows 2000 or Windows 98. It was just blank with a file copy screen or something like that.


I too thought it was 'hung up'. So I started setup again and went and watched a movie. When I came back, FSX was completely installed! So you just need to be patient.

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