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wondering whats flight sim should get my money


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Can someone tell me what direction you all think flight sim is going , I dont want to spend my money on fsx if another flight sim will be the norm, ive all ready spent a fortune on add ons in fs9 2004 fsx and now steam which seems more stable but not a lot of my old add ons are compatible, anyway just wondering what everyone else thinks.
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Great overview lesh.


I have all the sims except afs2. I use FSX-SE for things that don’t work on P3D V4. You can pick it up usually on sale on Steam.


The way to go is with 64bit, P3D is the best imho. FSW can be picked up for a pittance on steam and I’m excited by its future. X-Plane is nice but a little intimidating to set up, especially if your used to ms sims.


Go wither bit, it’s the future.



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I’m perfectly happy with my FSX non steam edition. Bought some addons and got it running decent with no errors/stutters/ etc.


Not interested in any other sim, with more tweaking and compatibility issues that usually follow.

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Sims are going in the direction of 64-bit to overcome increasing limitations in software and hardware, and take full advantage of what is around today.


Our OP indicates he already has FSX and it's not `going` anywhere, having been dead tech for almost a decade (ACES closed in January 2009), not sure how much use your comments are, kingnorris?


That said, FSX can happily co-exist on the SSD or Hard Drive alongside 64-bit sims, so one is never in an `either/or` situation.


That said, a number of developers have updated or up-graded their addons from FSX to P3Dv4x (the first of the 64-bit versions) and there remains a number of key commonalities - although this going to change with time.


FSW is also derived from FSX, but it's somewhere between Alpha and Beta at present.

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1st Lesh great post, that helps explain alot:) I have FSX Del boxed, FSX-SE & XP-9 I love FSX over all, it could be better but it works best on my system. Steam and my addons don't work sometimes so I tend to fly with the box FSX. If you haven't tried the demo XP-11 I would recommend you do so, here is the demo link for you.



Most if not all of your old addons should work with FSX too. Hope this along with the other posts help you.

Happy :pilot: Flyin...


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