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Canopy reflections


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Actually, they are there on real aircraft -- it's just that the mind often has learned to ignore them. The main difference is that in real life the reflections change, not only with the change in the direction you look, but also with a change in lighting conditions while many (probably not quite all) sim canopies have reflections that change little or not at all.


As to getting rid of them, I don't know the precise mechanism, but there is a way to modify the canopy texture(s) to eliminate that. There also is some way to change those textures so that reflections change more like in life, but I'm not an artist -- I've just seen the results somewhere.


Larry N.

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I am as far from being a painter are a small rock is, but I believe it has to do with the alpha channels in the texture files for the canopy/windshield. I'll see what I can find.

You might look at the FSDeveloper forums. They have tons of good info on all kinds of problems.



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