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Logitech Pro Joystick


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My joystick is less than a year old but seems to have developed a mind of its own! In FSX, when trying to fly any of the P51s, the aircraft, while just sitting on the runway, begins to rev up, move forward, and make turns! All without me even touching the stick! I tried recalibrating but that doesn't seem to help. Other aircraft seem to behave normally.


Anyone else experiencing this issue? Any recommendations for a fix? Thanks!!!

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Based on the symptoms the fault doesn't lie with the joystick but with the aircraft model.


What happens if you start a flight without the stick connected?


If it still happens then look at the switch/throttle settings of the aircraft and play around with them until the aircraft no longer moves. Also try setting the parking break.


BTW WRT the aircraft tuning - this is to be expected as the torque from the engine will naturally 'pull' the aircraft in one direction depending on the direction that the propeller spins and also due to the effects of any wind




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It might be worth starting a flight other than your default flight too in case that has got corrupted in some way.


Just guessing here but worth a shot.





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+1 It has always puzzled me why people would always start their default flight and then change aircraft and location(s).

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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