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Black Taxiway lines and Runway lines


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I'm getting these weird black lines on St.Marteen. They look like something that would be used for some addon scenery, but i don't have any activated at the moment (i did before, but i disabled it in this case), im not sure what is causing this. Has anyone else had this problem?



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i think it might have come from one of the addon sceneries that i have in the area. here are the ones i've installed:


http://www.strikingsoftware.com/pws.shtml (PWS Vol.5 Leeward Islands)




It's not from the Saint Barth scenery. I have that one and my Juliana looks OK!

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It's not from the Saint Barth scenery.

Of course not.

Look at the tower, the hangars in the OP: there's a Juliana addon installed for sure.

But it's missing textures for the ground polys (taxi lines, etc..), hence the black lines.


This screwed up situation happens when dropping everything in Addon scenery\scenery, not caring about making subfolders. One even forgets what he has installed.



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it doesn't seem to be any BGL files i've put into the addon scenery\scenery folder. i tried moving the files in this folder to another folder but nothing. i tried the same with the textures and, again, nothing changed. even going to the addon scenery manager in fsx and unchecking the "Addon Scenery" box didn't change anything.
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