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P3D v4 serious problems with the monitor


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So I got my EON15-X yesterday and installed P3D v4 without a hitch, then I installed my FSL A320 fired it up and what came next shocked me. The colors looked very washed out and dull, they were nowhere near as vibrant or "normal" as my previous setup on my Lenovo. The easiest way I could describe it is by rendering the dark colors, in the previous setup the dark colors were rendered ... well dark without green tinting ( if that's what it's called) and it looked good flying day & night. However with my new setup the dark colors are no longer dark and instead are grayish with a green tint on it. I thought it was PTA & ReShade that caused this so I deactivated both of them to see if they were causing the problem but to no avail it was still doing it. Here is a comparison, these 2 shots are from my old rig the Lenovo:






And here is the external shot I took from the EON15-X, reason I did it like this is because you can see strong green tinting in the monitor.




If you look at the picture you can see the way the monitor renders black colors is not truly black but instead grayish with a tint of green, it does not look right and didn't do this on my previous setup. I'm not sure if this is normal for a matte LED display (what it said on the computer description) or if it's because I didn't get the option for Origin to calibrate it.


I've tried calibrating my monitor multiple times with the built-in windows calibrator & with nvidia control panel. I know in my previous rig I had a Intel adapter as my display output whereas with the EON I have now it's only by NVIDIA coming from the GTX 1070. Is there anyway for me to


I've never seen anything like this I don't know what the green tinting is but I can see it especially at night, all the dark textures look very bright in P3D and night flying is horrible. I have HDR turned off, yet I still see this effect, I tried it with HDR on and it got even worse.


I honestly don't know what to do and am at a loss, I did some research into a thing called black levels and I believe my black levels are a bit too high, other games on my laptop have the same issue, Arma 3. The dark colors are very bright and have a green tint to them, Ive tried multiple calibration attempts with the built in windows program & nvidia changing the gamma & contrast but to no avail. If I turn the gamma way down then it solves the problem but then the brightness is too low and if I turn the brightness higher then it looks wrong, unnatural.


So I tried copying my ICC profiles from my old computer to my new one, didn't work or at least it didn't give me the same effect it did before with the previous setup. Then I looked online for some programs to help calibrate it such as calibrize & gamma correction but none of those still worked. The only one I haven't tried yet is the professional calibration software which requires you to put a device on the monitor itself but those are usually expensive with the $170+ range.


I didn't give up, I searched online even more and it mentioned about the color limiting that NVIDIA does, but when I look at my control panel it only gives me one option and that is 32-bit full range RGB. Someone mentioned to try the YCBCR444 profile and see if that works but I don't know where to find it though.


I'm running out of options here and If I can't solve the green tinting I have no idea what to do, I can't even play P3D or Arma for that matter because it looks so unnatural, or maybe Im just used to my previous setup I don't know.


I mean I could send my PC back to Origin to get it calibrated however that would take time and money which I don't have at the moment & i'm not sure if sending it to get calibrated is covered by the warranty.

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Is there any way to change the black level settings on the laptop, any software? I believe this may be whats causing all of this. I noticed all the dark colors that are supposed to be dark are greyish and I have no idea what else may be causing this other than black level settings.
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As Mallcott says, this is a monitor problem. Check out adjustments on the monitor itself, going through all its settings. Some monitors just flat don't have decent black levels, but look grayish instead - less than wonderful black is common on LED monitors, though some are better than others. It's possible that your video card might also have settings that affect this -- something to check -- gamma and contrast are two possible settings to check out, and there are some other controls on some cards.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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It's just that EVERYTHING has a greenish tint to it, mostly the grayish colors are heavily affected by this. You can also see shimmering on some of the textures which I have no idea how to get rid of.


Here is what I'm talking about








I literally have no idea what to do to make it look normal again, I could call Origin support to see what they say but I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place now.

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Looks to me like the brightness and contrast are either not set correctly or you have a bad monitor. In the second to last picture where you can see the color shading so clearly on the kneeboard looks like the contrast has been cranked up. As suggested by other go in to the controls for the monitor and set all settings to default and start from there by adjusting.
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I spoke with technical support at Origin, sent them the pictures here with the shimmering textures & green tint lighting. He told me to try updating the graphics driver which I did but still didn't help.


Then he told me to plug it into the HDMI TV and see if that works and believe it or not but it does work it didnt show the tinting or the shimmering. So he believes it to be a bad monitor and so to send it to them so they can repair/exchange the monitor for a new one & run some tests to see if it will solve the issue. It will take a week & I will have to ship my laptop to them tomorrow.


For the mean time here are some pics of my laptop:


The 1st one here I displayed a pure black background and cranked the brightness all the way up you can see the tinting effect.




I'm not sure if this is a bad monitor what do you think?


The 2nd one here is a bit of backlight bleed again with a dark backround




Do you think this whole issue is a bad monitor? maybe that's why no matter what I did with the settings I couldn't get rid of this.

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Just got the return labels today so I'll send it tomorrow to them. They offered to calibrate the display for me for $50.


What do they mean by this? will it make my games look better?


No. There are plenty of options for monitor calibration that don't require spending $50. You can calibrate using Windows inbuilt tools and your graphics card software to a proportionate level of accuracy for nothing. Calibration is useful for professional use where colours, tones and shades need to match, but for a gaming rig?


Personally, as it's a new rig and they supplied a duff monitor, I'd demand free calibration for its replacement.

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