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Aircraft Parking Problem


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I am running FS9 and Windows 7 Pro 64bit. I set up a flight plan with an aircraft parked at a gate but when selecting that plan and 'fly now' the aircraft is shown at the gate with the nose through the terminal building. I am setting the flight plan with FSnav and have updated the database.

Any help would be much appreciated





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I am running FS9 and Windows 7 Pro 63bit.


63bit? There's your trouble! ;)


Your parking problem is due to the parking spot in the AFD file being too close to the terminal building. You can easily edit your AFD file parking spot with ADE (Airport Design Editor) which is free: http://www.scruffyduck.org/airport-design-editor/4584106799

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Could it be as simple as the wrong sized gate for the aircraft? Trying to park a Jumbo jet at a small gate instead of a heavy gate? I have a tendency to use pushback to get the nose gear right on the parking T.

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Another option is to slew your plane to the correct position in relation to visible jetways at any gate and to then save that flight with a name of your choice. In this way the position of your plane will be saved at a geographical position, irrespective of gate parking size and/or position. Whenever you subsequently (re-)open that saved flight, your plane will appear at the same geographical position, ready for your flight.


However and as Mr Zippy says, it will not look very realistic when you park a B747 at a gate or ramp not visibly meant for such a large plane.



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The is a couple of programs where you can edit the parking and other things on the airfield.

one is called AFCAD and the other is ADE, AFCAD is the older one but it still works, I use it many times.

You can add/remove parking alter the gate/ramp size and/or move it further in/out and have it facing in a different direction.


Plus once you get in to it you can alter taxiways and other stuff to your liking.

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