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Captain Sim Legendary 727


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I know this is a older version of their 727 program but can anybody direct me as to how the cargo bin doors and the rear stairs opens. I checked the aircraft config file and it has a shift+T function for that but it is not operating. My shift+T and W work ok in other payware and freeware aircraft so I wondering whats up. The manual is saying shift+T but no luck.

The passenger door and capts. window open as they should.


Thank you



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Tried shift E then 1. 2. 3

1 opens the captains side indie, 2 opens passenger door and three does nothing. The confit file says there is a function with shift+T according to the manual says is suppose to raise/ lower tail stairs and also the cargo doors. My TDS , OpenskyPolsky ect Shift+T and Shift+W open doors cargo doors tail stairs ect

I was just curious why it was not working and I do realize it's their 727 platform is old.

I recall that Captain Sim first FSX 727 back in 2008 time frame only had 2 throttles


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The manual should also tell you what function is assigned to Shift+T, usually it's a function not used elsewhere on that aircraft type such as Water Rudder, Tail Hook, Concorde Visor and so on. If you already use Shift+T on other aircraft, you may want to change the existing assignment to Ctrl+Shift+T, FS will tell you if that's already in use and ask if you want to change it anyway.

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