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Fs 2004 advice


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I recently gave up on Windows 10 and reverted back to Windows 7. FSX works well with few difficulties. Fs 2004 loads but when opened comes up with "Login with administrator privileges." I remember before I made the jump to Windows 10 I got the information on how to by pass this and use Fs 2004. Unfortunately this piece of cyberware was lost in the change back.

Any ideas or help from the community? Thanks, JR

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JR - If my memory serves me right, and it's been awhile, is that's where you right click on the desktop icon for FS 2004, chose properties, and then chose to run the program in compatibility mode?


That's one thought, another happened as a result of a Microsoft update KB3086255. I had downloaded the update and then when I went to use FS 2004, I got that message. If you have it downloaded, uninstall it, and when it comes back, which it will, just hide it. I think the download only amounted to 47kb.


Good luck - Rick

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