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Carenado and v4


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Official Carenado Statement about the recently released Prepar3D version 4

June 9th, 2017


With the recently released version 4 of P3D, all our aircraft have been grounded. All of them were developed for 32-bit, and don´t work with the new 64-bit platform, causing internal logic incompatibilities (no problem with the model and textures).


The solution is not too complicated, but requires work. We know how to make them compatible, and we will start working on them soon.


The process will take time because we will have to update more than 80 aircraft. We hope to accomplish this task in the next months and start re-releasing a fair amount of updated aircraft each month.


For now, customers could be confident about their investment because all of the upgrades will be free of charge.


No mention of fixing endemic and uncorrected issues that have been brought to their attention, but either not actioned or done so, but badly.


Sounds like portovers to me!

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If you would have written your complaint as a reply in a thread about P3Dv4 I could understand it, but just opening a new thread only to complain about the fact that they will update their whole fleet for free, is almost unbelievable.

Some people apparently can never be satisfied, regardless of what the developers are doing.


As their supplied Bonanza is an official L-M P3D aircraft, and it doesn't work correctly, it's entirely relevant to advise caution as to what they are, and aren't, promising. There may also be many potential victims/customers who have yet to part with their cash and they need to be aware that Carenado deliver what they promise. And what they promise here is clearly ONLY a compatible installer (and we'll be the judge of of that as I remain sceptical they will adhere to the SDK convention for addon aircraft) and NOT an `update`.


Neither you nor I have any clue what they will deliver, even their statement is contradictory, evidenced by the `compatible` v. `update` The factual element being only that they won't be charging for it... and I did include that in my missive.


Besides, I didn't see anyone else posting that the updates will be free of charge, so your information comes from me. That you don't like it comes from you, or Carenado.


No need for a debate, we can wait and see.

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Lots. I take it your not type rated in the real aircraft?


In the U.S. (and I presume in many other countries), it's as bbrz says -- no type rating, just a checkout and, if you don't already have it, a complex airplane endorsement. Type ratings, in the U.S., are for jets and aircraft over 12,500 lbs. max gross.


You didn't specify what doesn't work properly in the Carenado Bonanza (and yes, I have lots of Bonanza time, V-35, F-33 and A-36, as well as Baron time). I don't care much for the handling in the default version (a few mods help), and Carenado's Hobbs meters seem to have a problem, and there are a few other odd things, but none of these are P3D specific, since they are in all the Carenado aircraft I've had in both FSX and P3D.


So what is missing, or what is wrong, or doesn't work that is P3D V4 specific (I don't yet have v4)????


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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