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Problem - Broken CD ROM unable to Install FSX

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Hello everyone good day,

today as i was playing FSX and while doing so i experienced a lot of unusual lag.. So i figured i'd uninstalled FSX and then reinstall it due to the fact that i've added on many aircraft, scenery etc. After uninstalling the game I tried to reinstall it with the disk only to realize my CD rom is broken.. I still have both disks and activation key that came with purchase of FSX, is there any way around this? is there a trail version of the game i can download and once downloaded i can use my product key to have full access of the game? Please help, anyone.

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Some things to......




A. Have you checked that other CD/DVDs work or not? Is there any disk activity when you load the disk or does is simply not start to read the disk?


B. Have you recently upgraded your OS - say from W7/8 to W10?.


C. Is your rig a laptop or desktop/tower?




A. If other disks work check the FSX disks for scratches and marks.


Another possibility here, especially if the rig is fairly new (generally less than 4-6 years old) is that the drive is having difficulty recognising the disk format. Over the years, the way in which CD/DVD discs have been manufactured and formatted has changed considerably. As a consequence many new CD/DVD drives have been manufactured to take advantage of these changes but a downside is that they can take longer to 'recognise and read' older formats and take a time to 'load' information from the disk. Symptoms/indications of this are; the drive will continuously make noises as the read/write head attempts for read the disk OR a short period of activity followed by silence but the drive activity lights remains lit (indicating some form of action is taking place) OR a combination of both.


B. If you have recently upgraded the OS there may be an issue with the driver. Most CD/DVD drives will normally have no dedicated driver but will use a standard basic MS one - depending on the age of your rig a newer version of a MS driver may not be compatible with or recognised by an older drive. Use the OS's built in Device Manger tool to check to see if the drive is being recognised and use the drive properties page to check for a new driver or rollback to an older one.


C. If the drive is dead you either:


Laptop - buy a cheap USB CD/DVD drive or find a replacement drive specific for your make/model (although this will probably be considerably more expensive than getting a USB drive.


Desktop/Tower - Buy a replacement or go with a USB one.




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If it's a laptop where replacing a drive is difficult there is another option. You banget a separate dvd drive for about 25$. These attach through a Usb port. Many don't require a separat power adapter, just plug in and go.:)
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Forget about FSX altogether and go get P3D. Much, much better IMHO.


Wait for 64-bit P3d. We don't know when it's coming but it's likely in the next quarter. Read the EULA first to see if you qualify for a license. You could even buy a monthly license to tide you over.


Compare with 64-bit FSX-derived Flight Sim World which is definitely imminent.


Buy whichever you like more, subject to EULA and preference.

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