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Tablet App for plates

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Sure -- Jeppesen sells electronic subscriptions to their charts and approach plates. You can check it out at the Jeppesen web site. Also, the Foreflight app for iPads is available.


However, you can also go to the FAA site for TERPS (TERminal Procedures) and download PDFs containing the complete publication (including STARS, takeoff minimums, and much more), just as if you had the paper version of the FAA charts. The SW1 (which includes Denver and Albuquerque) is 690 pages, with the first approach plate on page 115. There are 26 of these, for the complete set.


You can also download individual plates from airnav.com.


There are a few others, too.


Larry N.

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If you happen to live in North America and have a tablet - FltPlan.com has a full blown FREE tablet app called "FltPlan GO" (apple, android, windows) - it's a real world Electronic Flight Bag that includes your typical moving map software, charts, and plates - with connections to Flight Simulator (FSX/P3D/XP) and is the only source of FREE geo-referenced approach plates/taxi diagrams I'm aware of... Best thing since sliced bread in my book and it's FREE... I use it on every flight and it makes IFR Approaches child's play...





















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