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2 people in one plane question

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Ok so I finally got my box version and my steam version working together using JoinFS. My grandson and I got down to flying a plane together. However I've hit a snag and not sure what the right answer is. When we boarded the plane, we occupied the same seat even though there was a seat for pilot and co-pilot.

So my question is - is that normal or is there a way to occupy both seats separately? If both seats can be occupied - what do we need to do to achieve it? Thanks all


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I'm assuming the virtual cockpit for this, but there are controls that will let you change your position within the cockpit, combinations of CTRL or SHIFT and ENTER or BACKSPACE. But in many aircraft there is already a view built for the co-pilot seat, using the A or SHIFT-A to cycle through those views. If there isn't one for the aircraft you're using, you can make a "camera view" that lets you do that.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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Explain your setup in as much detail as you can. Things like: are you each using a separate computer. If so, how are they connected, via a network?, be specific. And more details. We need to know exactly to be able to understand and help out.
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So my question is - is that normal or is there a way to occupy both seats separately? If both seats can be occupied - what do we need to do to achieve it?


This is normal. On each computer you are flying the same aircraft as if it was your own. The sim doesn't know or care that it was linked via JoinFS to another machine.


You can use the simulators own viewing system to put yourself in any place that you want, inside or outside of the aircraft. Depending on the aircraft model that you are flying, there may be a camera definition already present for the right seat, and you can either cycle until you find it or right-click into the screen and select it from the context menu that pops up. Or use the "views" menu. On top of that you can freely move your eyepoint in the cockpit, or define camera positions of your own.

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Zippy, il: he is using JoinFS, see his OP


Thanks, Oliver! I guess then all they have to do is set up their individual views (as long as it's available on their aircraft) and yell back an forth......"I got control"...."No you don't! I got it". "You had it last time!"..........CRASH!:rolleyes:;)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Thanks evm:), I had missed that bit.


I used multiplayer for about three years. A few years back. I only flew with shared cockpit a few times though.

What I remember was you were using one plane together, and that you could each choose your own viewpoint.

The other pilot let me fly along to get used to the server, and he asked me to stay off the controls, except at the end, when he let me do things like lower gear and flaps when he said, and break after landing.

I also remember he stressed I should not disconnect (end flight) before landing. Because when I disconnected, he would get disconnected too.


Anyway, I just checked the fully default 737-800, and that already has a right seat view.

To see it, right-click on the screen. A dropdown box opens, in that you select "right seat".


In the Default Boeing 737 a "right seat" view is already present, it's in the aircraft.cfg file. Nothing that you need to add.




The next bit may be taking it too far now. But in case you get interested later, maybe copy this post/thread and save it as texfile:


Some other planes may not have a right seat view yet perhaps.

You could add a right-seat view in other planes in their aircraft.cfg file.

You could simply copy one from another plane.

What you would then need to edit in your added view, is the coordinates of the viewpoint.


Just as an example, this is the right-seat view of the default 737-800

Title = "Right Seat"
Guid = {8ff6c134-098d-409f-baec-caba3f683f98}
Origin = Virtual Cockpit
MomentumEffect = YES
SnapPbhAdjust = Swivel
SnapPbhReturn = False
PanPbhAdjust = Swivel
PanPbhReturn = False
Track = None
ShowAxis = YES
AllowZoom = TRUE
InitialZoom = .6
SmoothZoomTime = 2.0
ZoomPanScalar = 1.0
ShowWeather = Yes
XyzAdjust = TRUE
Category = Cockpit
InitialXyz=0.94, 0.0, 0.0
InitialPbh=2, 0, 0


The coordinates you would need to change when transplanting sucah a view to another plane is the:

InitialXyz=0.94, 0.0, 0.0


x= distance left or right. + is right and - is left.

y= distance up and down. + is up and - is down.

z= distance forward and back. + is forward and - is backwards



The info on all these values is easily explained here:


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Thanks folk for the replies. Lots of info to absorb. But to clarify a couple of things:

My grandson and I are using 2 separate pc's

mine is an i7 7700k new built with Geforce GTX 1060 with 6Gb vram & 32Gb ram + 2 monitors

grandson is a second gen i7 (cant remember which one without booting it up) 2xgeforce gtx 460 with 2Gb ram per card & 8Gb ram

The Pcs are on a lan network at home


I choose to use JoinFS after recommendation elsewhere on the forum - though I'm open to other options if there are better ones to consider.

Neither of us has used any flight sim before so very new to it. I have wanted to do it for some time - ence why I bought the steam version a few months ago. A couple of weeks ago I got hold of a pair of joysticks which gave us the boost we needed especially as one of them came with a disc version of FSX. The joysticks are a Speedlink Black widow (on my pc) and a Logitech Attack 3 on my grandson's. this is going to be added to with a Saitek Pro yoke and foot peddles my son has got for us.

My grandson (9 years old) just wants to get in and fly - whereas I am trying to learn to do it properly using the lessons from FSX. So a lot to absorb.

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