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Fs9 ctd help!!!!


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First time poster so be gentle lol!!


I'm usually able to solve my issues through Google searches and reading other forums but this one has me stumped.


I was flying KJFK-KSAN, about to start my descent into KSAN when I got a CTD. No problem, I've been exclusively using the iFly 737 for the past 2 years so I'm used to it, that's why I save all the time. Reloaded the flight from my save point, continued on and boom, CTD again in about the same spot. I figured it was a problem with a scenery file ( I have a LOT of sceneries). I uninstalled my KSAN and still CTD. I tried loading in KLAX and CTD. I loaded on the East Coast and it loaded ok.


I updated my video drivers and comp, and now FS will start but while trying to load a flight (East Coast, West Coast, Midwest, anywhere!!) I get the dreaded "Flight Simulator has stopped working and needs to close" error. The flight loads to about 90-99% before this crash.


I removed all my AI aircraft thinking it could be a corrupt texture (I had that problem 6 months ago and was able to fix it, stupid Delta 757....) but that didn't help.


As I said I'm stumped on this one. I'm pretty savvy with FS9 been using it since it came out and have it so heavily modified with sceneries and AI I am DREADING a re-install. I've had problems before (see that damn Delta AI above....) and been able to troubleshoot but I don't know where to start here.


Oh, I should probably note that I did NOT customize anything in FS9 prior to this crash. I had been flying daily for about a week or 2 with no new customizations before this mess started so I'm pretty sure it's not on my end.


Any help would be great!! Any more info let me know!! I'm going to post this in AVSIM too if anyone monitors both.



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I was flying KJFK-KSAN, about to start my descent into KSAN when I got a CTD. No problem, I've been exclusively using the iFly 737 for the past 2 years so I'm used to it, that's why I save all the time.


Could this be an issue with the iFly 737 rather than the scenery? If this CTD doesn't happen with other aircraft I'd re-install any recent iFly updates/patches and re-install the Navigraph AIRAC for it, too. Try removing your FS9.cfg file before rebooting FS2004, if you keep a copy of your original you can simply copy the keyboard and joystick sections into the new FS9.cfg to retain your settings.

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Have you added anything new recently? I've had situations where a corrupt texture for an AI aircraft in the area would cause a CTD; also after installing a scenery and having two ADFs on the same frequency overlapping. And never deciphered the exact problem, but if I enable the German Landmarks scenery I get a CTD when climbing above 1500ft in southern Germany.
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I had this a long time ago At Exeter UK I narrowed down to a corrupt cloud texture. I worked thought it logically start by turning of all the autogen and Dynamic buildings if that still CTD then you have eliminated that then turn off all the weather also un-tick all the revenant sceneries addons one at a time in the scenery library also back up the FS9 directories then copy paste the FS9 default file over. I have a complete default FS9 SP1 backup on my PC if that helps Good Luck with it


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I have had literally dozens of CTDs over the years and the vast majority have been caused by a 'faulty' bgl file, mostly landclass files. If the CTD happens at the same geographical location each time, then this is almost certainly the cause.


I have solved the issue by disabling sceneries in batches (starting with sceneries nearest to where the CTD occurs) until it doesn't happen any more. The easiest way to do this is to delete the sceneries directly in the scenery.cfg file (having made a backup first of course!). Once you locate which scenery is causing the problem, you then re-enable it and move bgl files (in batches at first) from the scenery folder until the culprit is found. The bgl can then be excluded, or edited (if it contains 'essential' stuff), using a decompiler, if you know how to do that... Trial and error and time consuming, as you have to restart FS9 every time, but where there's a will...


(To make FS9 startup much faster when troubleshooting, I rename the FS9/Aircraft folder to AircraftXXX or whatever and make a new Aircraft folder containing only the default Cessna. FS9 will then restart several times faster. When done, reinstate the full Aircraft folder of course).


I know you said you fixed this via the FS9.cfg file: great, but this still sounds to me like a rogue bgl file (possibly reading a faulty bitmap) :)

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