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Dambuster Raid for FSX


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Hi Folks


I'm an adult helper at 126 City of Derby ATC and we're hoping to recreate the Dambusters raid on our flight simulators.


However I would really appreciate some advice from you as to whether there is an addon to FSX that would help us in our task.


What I'm looking for is something that will help guide the cadets to their target, give them a sense of realism and preferably be in real time. Yes, we're hoping to be able to do this at the actual timings of the original raid.


Any advice would be most welcome


Kind regards



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Check the File Library! There is a lot there about the raid. This is just one of two parts.


FSX - FSX Warbirds FSX Dambusters Anniversary Part 1

[ Download | View ]

Name: db70_anniversary_pt1.zip

Size: 101,218,208 Date: 03-20-2013 Downloads: 1,450



fcq1.gif FSX Dambusters Anniversary Part 1. Part 1 of the 70th anniversary of the Dambuster Raid on the Ruhr Dams. This part covers training from Scampton. The Raid on the dams is covered in Part 2 as a separate file. A separate update is available to convert these aircraft to fly in the resident FSX option of wide view aspect. All aircraft in this project are Plane-Design Dambuster Lancasters updated for FSX in flyable or AI form. All textures but AJG are by Koos van Menen. All possible texture bmps have been upgraded to the dds format. The AI textures are not for a full aircraft. By Ross McLennan and Koos van Menen. (See also DB70_ANNIVERSARY_PT2.ZIP and DB70_PA474_FLYPAST.ZIP)

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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The recent ORBX Northern half of Germany (GEN) scenery release covers both the

Mohne and Eder dams that were the subject of the Dambuster raids.

The Dams are rendered superbly , having visited the Mohne dam I can say that the Dam wall is absolutely precise .


That ORBX scenery will definitely add a lot to the realism .




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