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MS will not load


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HI Guys


I need help again, yesterday I added a scenery area, made successful flight into that area, then closed down, Today when i try to load the sim it loads, but when i try to load a flight it loads to 77% {loading weather and stops, I have tried all the different weather themes, and around 15 different airports all to the same result, any one any ideas please

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Hi John, there's a couple of things you can try:


Uninstall the scenery and re-start FS9, then re-install the scenery and start FS9 again.


If that doesn't cure it, rename your FS9.cfg file to FS9.bak and re-start FS9. A new FS9.cfg will be created and FS9 should launch with your new scenery installed.

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Uninstalling is really a last resort.

In cases like this, the first thing to do, is to delete the fs9.cfg file.

When you run FS9 again, this will be rebuilt.

Also, going into the library, deleting the last entry, and then rebooting should clear things up.

Obviously, by initially unzipping/installing into a temp file, before copying into the sim, will tell you what files there are, so, if there are any issues, these can be deleted.




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When you have an installation that already works there is a simple solution for any future installation on a new computer (or your existing one). Copy your entire FS9 folder to a backup external hard drive. Add new additions to the back up after they have been used for a week and proved to be also ok. When you newly install or reinstall FS9 (or FSX, whatever) from the disks, after installation replace the new addon scenery folder with the backup one, the new aircraft folder with the backup one, etc. No added scenery is lost, no aircraft. I have newly installed three times in the last 7 years and never spent more than a morning on it. Well worth the price of an external hard drive.
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+1 on Roger's comments.....


I actually take it a step further and install as much of my scenery addons outside of the sim - I first did it with 2004 and have continued it with FSX. This way, when problems arise with either a scenery package or with the main FS install you only need to concentrate on the main area of interest to resolve the issue. Of course, its good practice not only to backup the main sim folders but also those essential files that reside outside of the sim.


I also suggest the use of a scenery config tool such as Scenery Config Editor (SCE) - see https://sourceforge.net/projects/fs-sceditor/ to download it and http://fs-sceditor.sourceforge.net/ for info on it and a guide on how to use it.


Having such a tool can often save hours of unnecessary work in finding and fixing an issue and can actually make installing scenery as lot easier.




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