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Carenado E50P Phenom 100 - Problems


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Just downloaded and installed the Carenado Phenom 100 from PC Aviator. When I select to fly the plane, I first select Bat 1 & 2 and turn on the GPU. According to the many YouTube videos I have watched on this plane that should power on the Prodigy G1000 panels...but nothing. All the switches and other stuff works great.


What gives

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Maybe no responses cause we can't figure...

I have the Carenado Phenom 100 on FSX Gold+Accel and when I switch-on

the battery(on my Saitek panel), the two Garmin comes alive. BUT, in VC view(using TIR5), the battery switches in the cockpit stay off position. I then switch them on with the mouse.

I have the same bug when I use my panel switches for taxi and landing lights. The lights come but the switches on the upper light panel don't move.

To be able to use the G1000 on the right(system/engines monitor+GPS) you have to start system and engines first.

Maybe you should try using the keyboard command for battery-on to see...

i7-4790K @4400 on Gigabyte Z97X (16gb), GeForce GTX 970 OC, Corsair Spec case

Win7 Ult(64) on Samsung850 SSD(256), FSX+Accell on Samsung850 SSD(256), Track IR5

Saitek yoke/rudder radio/multi/switch panels, Logitech G13, GMap on Samsung tab

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What nothing. 137 views and no response!


And you're paying how much for this advice? REMEMBER ON THIS FORUM WHEN YOU ASK FOR HELP YOU ARE ASKING OTHERS WHO VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME TO HELP OTHERS! And typically when we ask with a little courtesy, we get answers from others to our issues as well. Some call that people helping and receiving help from each other. Others seem to feel they are above that.


As Daniel.T suggests, "Maybe no responses cause we can't figure.." Maybe we're looking for a lot more information about your system and exactly your procedures from you. Then perhaps someone might choose to give you some advice. That won't be me.


Maybe, in this case, considering your attitude, you should go back to U-Tube and get your answers there. ;) GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!:p:p


BTW: Be careful of the slamming screen door on your way out!

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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To clarify, Carenado has no official support forums. The Carenado forums at Avsim are unofficial and community driven.




This forum is also community driven. I doubt anyone here is making a living answering questions or giving advice to insolent people.


I learned early in life you'll catch a lot more flies when attracting them with sugar than shaking raw salt in their faces!

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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