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Having been a real pilot [Private/Corporate/Airline - retired more than 23 years ago],

AND a railroad engineer [part time], I've enjoyed FlightSim.Com and FS on my computer

for years as I'm sure others have as well. I'm sure this site will continue to be a

great source for computer sims.

Wish I could hang around longer but it looks like I might be "logging out" earlier than

I planned as I have ALS. Guess it's the price I gotta pay for having such a good life!

I'll be moving to a Hospice House soon.

My thanks to all the contributors !!

My Best to all. SKY LAB

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!
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So sorry man, you're in my prayers. Hope all goes well and you do get some relief.



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Hey, Skylab,

I too will miss your forum comments and your extensive historic perspective. I remember looking up as a youngster in the 1950's in the Chicago area seeing Connies come and go from Midway Airport, and thinking that some day those glorious birds would be just a memory - never thinking that Midway Airport would also be, for a while, just a memory, until its rebirth. We have indeed had a 'good life,' being able to participate in a broad range of really exciting stuff - and you, in the driver's seat (-- I, just as an avid spectator) still have a treasury of memories. Thanks, skylab, for sharing on the forums. The best to you in the coming days.


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