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Difference between FSX and P3D scenery


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Hello. From my understanding FSX and P3D is the "same" in terms of how the planes are "Scripted" and created how the scenery is made etc. Same addons works at both sim (usually) etc. My question is. If you have some old scenery which says it is for FSX or FS9 only or that only P3D V1 or V2 is supported and when you run the installer it says that you dont have P3D installed because you have P3DV3 and the installer wong recognize it --


So my question is. If I install this type of scenery to FSX and then move the scenery files (usually from addon scenery scenery and texture folder) and put it manually into addon scenery of P3D and manually add them into library - Will it work? Or it wont and if wont then why? To me it seems the same that the scenery should work with no problems. Only problem I see in the "scripts" files like using developer software to change textures, change amount of traffic, parked planes, runway usage etc.



Thank you for any feedback :)

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At this point I'm using pretty much the same sceneries in FSX, Pv2, Pv3. A lot is photoscenery but some are airports. I'm not noticing any differences or discrepancies yet. Most scenery is installed (a) to a dummy folder first (b) installed outside of the sim folders on different HDD/SDD's. Essentially I don't use any product (except Orbx) that controls where I install things.


Just my 2 cents worth...



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The short and simple answer is - yes, FSX scenery will work with all versions of P3D.


However, I can think of 2 exceptions:


1. The scenery has external interactions (e.g. FSDT scenery uses Couatl Python scripts to interact with external software - messing with this will cause the scenery to not work)


2. Some AFCAD files won't show taxiways on P3D. This is because there is a variable in the AFCAD XML called "DrawSurface" (you can guess what that does) that is respected in P3D but not in FSX. If the DrawSurface variable for a taxiway is 0, it'll appear in FSX regardless but won't display in P3D.


Now, I understand this has stirred up a bit of mixed feelings across different people in the past, but I'm going to mention it nonetheless: there is a program called P3D Migration Tool by Flightsim Estonia. The program creates a file structure of pointers that make it look like a FSX installation from the installer's perspective, but directs all the files to the appropriate P3D locations. Works like a charm for me.


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I have both FSX and P3D. I've not run into issues using ORBX and some other addon scenery with either. Not saying some scenery doesn't have issues with one or the other, but I haven't seen one yet.


Having said that, I must admit I very rarely use P3D. I got it thinking it would be the next big thing. I then discovered it wasn't and that I preferred FSX. I didn't waste my money on P3D. I educated myself by spending that money. ;)

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Ok thank you for your reactions :) I use FSX for about 4 years and I came to a point where I have very very bad frames and I have blurry textures with my orbx LC Europe, I had to lower details to prevent OOm errors with my payware scenery and PMDG 737 etc. I tried the P3D and all my problems were gone. It is weird but. I dont have OOM errors, I dont have low fps I dont have blurry textures and all thanks to P3D.
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