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Virtual Pilot 3D


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Thanks for the update. Downloading Flight Gear as I type! Are there no copywrite infringements in what these scammers are trying to sell?


The correct term for FlightGear is open source software, not freeware. What this means is that the source code for the application is openly available along with the program, and that others may download the source code, make their own changes, and redistribute the modified version. Selling open source software for money is also acceptable depending on the licence (basically EULA). If one wants to sell open source software, they generally try to offer something of value to the purchaser, and usually the original project too. Other examples of open source software are the Linux kernel, Firefox browser and Android operating system.




Now in regards to this Virtual Pilot 3D, the person(s) distributing it are abusing the open source nature of FlightGear and doing just enough to avoid anything technically illegal or in violation of copyrights, at least as far as FlightGear is concerned. Often, however, the images on the website are used without permission, and sometimes come from FSX, X-Plane or add-ons for one of those sims. Unfortunately, the cost to go after them for any violations is pretty high for anything one might get in return, especially for a project like FlightGear.

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