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No - sorry guys - not the magazine :D:D


I took advantage of the recent "Back to School" sale to add the Convair B58 "Hustler" supersonic strategic bomber to my stable of FS military airplanes. This is the Glowing Heat version for FSX (also available for FS2004)


With 4 afterburning engines the B58 was capable of Mach 2 speeds and was a mainstay of the USAF Cold War fleet in the 1960s before being replaced by the F111


In these shots an aircraft assigned to the Edwards AFB (KEDW) test squadron takes off and tools around Edwards with burners going. You can see a lot of the visual and design characteristics of later supersonic aircraft - such as the commercial Concorde and the B1 bomber - in the B58 profile


[click on the images for a full screen view]















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Another nice set of shots of an exciting era in military jet history. I appreciate seeing all military jets from the 50's & 60's. Born in '62, I used to see quite a many of these during the SE Asian conflict, flown stateside by the Guard, Reserve, Navy, Air Force.

Viewing the Hustler pics (ah-haaaaa....), and some of the recent Phantom pics have been quite enjoyable. Gets me hungry for some F-100's, Thud's, maybe some Corsairs & Crusaders...

All great stuff, keep 'em coming! :)


Neil :cool:

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Great shots of that B-58. Love the 50's and 60's military jets, both fighters and bombers. Reminds me of the movie "Fail Safe" where they were identified as "Vindicator Bombers" as opposed to "Hustlers".

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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Nicely done!!!! I read an article in Air&Space about this aircraft. So cool looking and understand why it didn't last very long in the arsenal. I think the article said for every 1 flight hour took 30 man hours of maintenance. Plus that and the hydraulics system looked like a bicycle folded over itself.



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