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What's wrong with my graphics card clock speed in FSX?


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I've been flying a lot but I never fully understood how to setup my fsx.cfg, or any other config file, so I never altered them.


Recently my frame rates suddenly went into the high 0's (7-9)(lol) and my driver crashes a lot, so I wonder if there is anything wrong with my config, or maybe something else?


I have not overclocked my Graphic card or my cpu, because I'm lazy and don't want to do the stability test XD so that shouldn't be a problem. The computer also worked fine for a while, so it isn't my computer's fault.


Its also not any addon's fault because I found out that my graphics card's clock speed is only 405 instead of 1300 and barely no memory clock speed even though its at 99% usage see screenshot below


Also you might notice that before the memory dipped to 163 MHz (or something similarly messed up) it's @ about 430 MHz and at that time my frame rates are about 22 - 24 (which is still bad but my memory usually run at 2000 MHz or so)


I don't get why the clock speeds dips so low so VETERANS PLEASE HELP!


Thank You!

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Looks like the fan speed being at 0 RPM and 50 C may be your problem.
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