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Leaving Palm Springs


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Living for extended periods outside of the State of Los Angeles, I get home sick. But flying in the L.A. basin makes it bearable :)


This sim runs at 1920x1200x32 normally, although, screen shots have been reduced in both quality and size for the upload.


Flight Simulator 9...


000 Leaving KPSP.jpg

001 Mt San Jacinto.jpg

002 Over KBNG.jpg

003 Moonset.jpg

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Wow! Pretty shots! I don't remember Ca. smog ever looking pretty in the 60's. While stationed in Orange County I would fly back from Palm Springs or Vegas into the afternoon sun and the smog usually looked like dirty pond water. Brown with streaks of not quite so brown.


If the smog actually looks that clean in the RW today, they've done one heck of a job with the air standards there!:rolleyes:


Great shots!

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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