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new to flight sim and looking for some help


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4 yrs ago i was going to jump into flight sim world but racing cars consumed up a lot of my time. Im throttling back on racing and looking to get into flying and eventually my real pilots license.


First a little about what i have, i have an obutto ozone cockpit and i was going to see if i could use this setup





while keeping my racing wheel attached so i do not have to keep swapping back and fourth between sims.

My pc:


triple monitors,INTEL BOX INTEL CORE I5-6600K, GIGABYTE Z170XGAMING5 LGA1151 ATX, liquid cooled, SAMSUNG E 250GB 850 EVO SSD, NVIDIA GTX 980 video cars, sound blaster audio card with surround sound speakers.


My Questions:


1. i would like controls for flying to fit the above obutto link, i have a great set off racing pedals with gas, brake, and clutch, can i use the gas and clutch in a sym for my rudder pedals? they are screwed down and would be easier to have one set for both. So i am open for options on controls, i would like something good may be not the best unless the difference in price is minimal.

2. what program? i use iracing for racing because its easy web based, adding mods is easy and plenty of people who use it to help with any issues. So any recommendations on programs. Any threads that shows the differences between the offerings? Again a main concern of mine is learning and using what i learn in the real world but thats not to say id love to get in the cockpit of some planes i would never fly.

3.anything else i need to know, any books to read ( i have read stick and rudder) or other forums to look at for experience?


Im open for advice, no ego here, just wanna learn and try to do this correct from the beginning.





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There's nothing wrong with where you posted it, but it may well be that no one who has seen this has an answer. If not for your post #3 I'd not have answered here, but wanted you to not feel completely neglected.


Larry N.

As Skylab would say:

Remember: Aviation is NOT an exact Science!

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hi 39 views and no help lol :( did i post this in the right section


Well this is the Newcomers section and the hardcore gods of flight simming don't come in here much because they prefer to hang in their own forums rather than spread their awesome wit and intellect too thinly around different sections..:)

I almost answered your post yesterday but I don't know nothing about obutto stuff (sniffle).

But if you're asking in the second part of your post which flight sim you should buy, I can recommend FSX because in my opinion it's the best sim out there.

Once you've bought it, you can take a shower, comb your hair, brush your teeth and go rub shoulders with the hard men in the FSX forum and ask them all sorts of questions, and you're guaranteed to get an answer as soon as they return from the church confessional..:)

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Welcome to the world of flight simulation!


I would second the recommendation to get FSX, and today that probably means FSX Steam edition, which if you are lucky and catch a sale might be quite inexpensive! (It isn't bad even at the full price) The other major flight sim system out there is X-Plane 10 which can also be very good, but is somewhat different in terms of how it works. That, however, should be no problem for you since you are just starting out, and either of the two major brands will present a learning curve for you - in terms of operating the simulation as well as learning to fly it. Yours seems to be a good computer, so you can certainly go either way (FSX or X-Plane). I'd recommend looking at some of the videos on YouTube of both FSX and X-Plane to get a feel for how they look, at least. I myself have both, but I tend to do more flying with the Microsoft sims.


Those pedals look like they would not really work well as rudder pedals, although you can certainly give it a try. The good news is that many modern joysticks have a twist action that is often used for the yaw axis, and although real airplanes don't work that way (I'm surprised that Airbus didn't think of that, though!) it really doesn't have to impact your flying much - it doesn't for me, at least!


Happy Landings!


Tony Vallillo

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