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Thread: X-Plane 12 Beta Testing

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    Default X-Plane 12 Beta Testing

    Hi Everybody,

    Welcome aboard.... Today I'm having my first real look at X-Plane 12. I plan on visiting various locations to see what I can push graphics wise.

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    Stand by for disappointment! Been hearing and reading lots of folks and their complaints about the scenery.
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    Nope, I'm not disappointed at all... as a matter of fact, I'm impressed with the fact that this is just the first beta. It looks great!

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    Scenery airborne and on the ground has terrible shimmering and some aircraft cockpit textures are blurry and unreadable. My Xplane11 is crystal clear.

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    I bought it and like it, so it must be on the right track....... MSFS2020 for eye candy X plane for flight.... the way I see it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by daspinall View Post
    I bought it and like it, so it must be on the right track....... MSFS2020 for eye candy X plane for flight.... the way I see it...
    I'm wating for a NON-Beta version. Let me know when the final versh is available? I think we are currently at Beta 3. It's not XP12, yet...

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    I've been enjoying my time on XP12 so far. It is running well, 30-45 fps, on a mid-tier PC.

    Does it need work? You bet it does LOL, for me downtown Orlando is pretty much missing. I hope they address that issue in coming updates.

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    I'm sure once all the major crashes, issues have been addressed they'll move on to optimization and fixing the blurry textures.

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