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Thread: A Trip to the Boneyard

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    Default A Trip to the Boneyard

    In this series a retired American Airlines MD-80 lands at Southern California Logistics Airport (KVCV) near Victorville in the dry desert east of LA to go into long term storage. The low humidity and rainfall make this an ideal location for preventing corrosion and other damage to airplane structures and systems that are parked for long periods of time.

    Because many of the airplanes never return to service these kinds of airports are usually referred to as "Boneyards." In the real world most retired AA MD80s and other types of AA retired planes are stored at Roswell Airport (KROS) in New Mexico. AA retired all of its MD80s in 2019.

    Rolling out on the runway past a field of retired Fedex 757s, MD11s, and 727s
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    Turning off the active to taxi to the ramp we pass between lines of Southwest 737s on the right and other airline 747s and widebodies on the left.
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    Parked and shut down (maybe for the last time) on the terminal ramp. Soon a tug will arrive to tow the airplane to a permanent parking spot out in the sand and tumbleweeds and a crew will begin sealing it up for storage while the plane awaits its fate. Will a new owner arrive to put it back in service? Will it be parted out for spares? Or will the wrecking crane arrive to send it on a final flight to the Big Airport in the Sky?
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    Great set of shots and storyline showcasing KVCV!
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    Pretty sad to see these great aircraft end up this way, after having a great history making money for the airlines!


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    I enjoyed the trip to the Boneyard Bill. At least the MD-80 will have plenty of company.

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    sweet stuff bill, keep up the good work

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    cool series of pics, I like them!
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