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Thread: can anyone help at all

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    If you are on a desktop, or on a laptop that will be connected to the mains electric any time you run the sim, then a "power plan" or "power management" has no meaning, you have all the power you want.

    So, when connected to the mains, always use a high-performance "power plan".


    PS: My high-performance settings have never been disturbed by any Windows 10 updates....

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    Not the power plan settings. It'll be in the USB device settings, guaranteed. I was stumped for nearly a week and having a horrible time until I found an old thread about the problem happening in Windows 8 (or whichever version). Figured "what the hell", found the settings for my USB devices and sure enough they were set to "let Winblows manage power" and I changed it. No more binge drinking from lack of flying and daily stress.

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    Quote: '..Windows (10 & update) setting ... power saving on USB ports..'. That has to be the most IGNORANT SH.T anyone could ever imagine an OS would do! Are you kidding me? Microsoft you SUCK!
    Chuck B
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    thanks all for your help

    problem solved both windows and steam i had to uninstall steam then re install it all now working well

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