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Thread: ALT key randomly crashing flight sim

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    Default ALT key randomly crashing flight sim

    Hello all. I went to make a flight with the PMDG 747-400 and found that after loading the aircraft, I could do everything as normal. But about 15 minutes into flight preps I press the alt key and immediately with no errors or anything the sim just closes. Almost like pressing ALT + F4. I've had it before but it only happened once. I'm curious to why it is doing this. And it's only with the PMDG 747

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    The only thing I can think of is that somehow your FS9.cfg file has become corrupted, especially down near it's end where the keys on your keyboard are specified.

    Do you by any chance use a wireless keyboard ? The reason why I ask is that I've had comparable problems with such keyboards before and these could always be solved by replacing my FS9.cfg file with my backup one. It ..... seems ...... that the wireless signal can at unpredictable moments become interfered with and this, at least in my case, always caused some of the key specifications near the end of my FS9.cfg file, to disappear. However, the result was that certain keys just no longer worked and without the crash as you seem to experience.

    You could also rename your existing FS9.cfg to, e.g. FS9.txt and to then let FS9 automatically create a completely new one. You could then compare the new FS9.cfg to your old FS9.txt, especially their last parts.

    Good luck


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    I use wired keyboards, but I'll give this a shot!

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    Does this happen if you use the other Alt key, it may be award though being on the other side?


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    You could fly it in windowed mode, where you don't have to press the Alt key...
    Tom Gibson

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    I rarely have issues with CTD's - usually scenery related - but my thing is Shift-5 which is the view down. 3 times today its caused a crash of the sim when it never has before. Weird stuff happens sometimes. Who knows why.

    Oh well.

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