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Thread: How To Activate FSX and Accelerator After A Fresh Install On Windows 10

  1. Default How To Activate FSX and Accelerator After A Fresh Install On Windows 10

    I've Googled, but found not much similarity as mine with other users, so let me once again post this question.

    I have just recently reinstalled FSX and Acceleration on my new WIndows 10 machine. I installed both as administrator in a directory outside the Program Files directory.

    The installation went smoothly, and I entered the product keys for both pieces of software.

    After a few days of reinstalling my scenery and aircraft addons, and configuring all my controls and graphics settings, I opted to embark on a flight.

    30 minutes later I was advised my 30 minute trial had ended and that I must activate the product. Augh ... I thought I did that already when I entered the keys.

    Needless to say, that my installation is in demo note. When I go to HELP>ABOUT in the menu it clearly illustrates "Microsoft Flight Simulator X Demo"

    So my question, how onearth do I activate my very legit installation of FSX and Acceleration?

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    This is the closest solution I could find ...

    The activation box did not come up during restart of FSX. This solution didn't state what to do if it didn't. :-(
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    The advice at the MS Answers link is 100% correct, here's a more indepth description. If you followed the procedure and did not get an AccPack Activation dialog when starting FSX then you may have edited the wrong RegistryKey.

    This is because your registry entry under Win10, in RegistryKey: {4DE36967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} is not showing as ( PartMgr ) for UpperFilters.
    Note the MixedCase and spelling. Any other value for this will prevent FSX/Acceleration from offering the Online Activation dialog even though you believe you have already activated FSX & AccPack.

    On your Windows start menu you will see a search box - type "regedit" (less the ""quotation marks) regedit.exe will come up in the list, click to open regedit, same thing if you have the Menu "Run" box Regedit is the OS utility we need to use to change registry values. Bear in mind wrongly altering Registry values and Keys can cause boot issues or program dysfunction (Backup your registry before editing - for safety)

    Navigate or search/find in your registry this Key: {4D36E967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}


    Now navigate the registry path till you find the Key Bolded above. When you have found the correct Key (left panel), in the right corresponding panel you will see Data Values for that Key. DoubleClick the word "UpperFilters", a dialog will open showing/allowing you to change the Value for "UpperFilters" there should be no other Values remaining other than PartMgr in this dialog.

    Edit the UpperFilters Value to PartMgr deleting any other value in that dialog. Click Ok to save/enter the new value then exit the registry.
    Now start FSX with your 25 digit AccelerationPack Activation Key handy, once FSX initializes you should be offered the opportunity to re-enter your AccPack Activation Key.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Jethrom, thank you for the detailed reply.
    I have followed the instructions of the original Microsoft advice, and double referenced my changes with your instructions in case I missed something. The reference key in your instructions doesn't match the one in the Microsoft post, and I don't have one that matches yours in my registry.

    {4DE36967-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318} vs

    With having followed both sets of instructions (assuming your key might be a typo), I'm still not getting the activation option on startup of FSX (even following an computer reboot) and the the About FSX splash screen still showing as Demo.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Wintersedge,

    You are correct the 4DE36967 was a typo done twice, (copy pasted the same error), I was in a rush and got slightly dyslexic 4d36e967 or 4D36E967 is correct. Having discovered my error you still successfully navigated to the right Key. I'll see if I can ask a moderator to correct this typo so as not to confuse other readers.

    You did the right thing removing those other values from UpperFilters ( fltsrv aswArDisk EPMVolFl ) leaving only ( PartMgr ) as the only correct & logical entry, your picture shows exactly what you now have although your cursor is positioned under the word PartMgr and may represent a blank space or new invisible entry.
    Try removing deleting PartMgr so that your cursor is in the first position on the panel, then re-type PartMgr without pressing enter or beginning a new line in the dialog, click on the Ok button to apply the value - ( PartMgr ) close the Registry editor restart your PC and then FSX, you will be required to use online activation so make sure your internet is connected WiFi enabled or Ethernet cable plugged in, hopefully this time it will prompt you for online AccPack Activation using your AccPack 25digit licence key.

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    Right on. I'll give it a whirl when I get back home. At what point will I be asked to activate after launching FSX? Right off the get go? Or once I commence a free flight?
    I will activate with my Acceleration key or FSX? Or both?

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    FSX should already have been activated online with the FSX activation Key, and configured to your preferred settings and hardware, then run once using the Friday Harbor default Trike flight from the FreeFlight Screen.
    You should see an online Activation dialog For AccelerationPack not long after starting FSX, shortly after seeing the opening SplashScreen, there may be some new routines run, but before the FreeFlight screen, there will be some routine auto-configuration upon activation. It will only be Activation of Acceleration Pack using the AccPack licence key that is required, as the problem only occurs upon installation of AccPack under Win10.
    Once online activation has completed you will get a prompt to accept the new Keyboard/Joystick mapping for AccPack Missions and new aircraft, Say yes to this.
    Another indicator of success will be the Previously missing "Preview DirectX 10" checkbox will now show in Settings>Graphics tab.
    If everything goes well you will see the FreeFlight Screen Banner reads "Microsoft Flight Simulator X Acceleration" not Demo or trial.
    All should be operational for a proper setup and fly using AccelerationPack, unrestricted by the Demo/trial 30min time limit.
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    Just for the sake of conversation, its interesting you mention some of the "signs" of no longer being in demo mode.

    "Preview DX10" checkbox will appear? It was never gone. I use DX10 Fixer and part of its config requires this to be checked. I would have done this without noticing it being missing.

    I can't take a screenie, but the splash screen, in the top left corner does say FSX Acceleration in a graphical sense.

    No sense questioning until I try your last suggestion, but fearing it may not work allows for more thought. I really hope I don't have to go through the whole reinstallation process. 😫

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    Still no success with the latest advice. Did as jethrom had suggested by manually typing in PartMgr and maintaining the cursor on that line and pressing OK. (Checking that key thereafter results in the cursor being underneath the data entry by default).

    Rebooted computer and restarted FSX with no change.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now what friends?

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    So...are you still restricted to the 30 min. limit?
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    I just completed a test and yes. Cut off after 30 mins.

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