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Thread: Wonky ATC ?

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    Default Wonky ATC ?

    FS2004. En route to EGHH a UK provincial airport. ATC gave me clearance to land on RW8. I'm on ILS approach & 15 miles away. At 5.5 miles my altitude goes off as I'm told to land.....then a 737 is given permission to take off. I assumed it would be gone when I arrived but it was a quarter of the way to take off. A mile (?) away I'm told to go around. This is not an unusual occurance.

    Is this normal flying experience ? I was surprised to be told to land then another told to take off.
    Has my ATC got a bug?

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    Naw, ATC is just stupid! I usually ignore the "go around" and land chasing the other aircraft down the runway.
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    Also if you have Traffic Tools installed you can delete that aircraft on the runway then you will get clearance to land OK.
    You only delete it from that scenario, it isn't deleted from the sim so don't worry.
    Same as if you are in a long queue to take off, you can delete those aircraft in front of you then again you will get clearance to take off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrzippy View Post
    Naw, ATC is just stupid! I usually ignore the "go around" and land chasing the other aircraft down the runway.
    I would not call FS's ATC stupid. A little over-protective sometimes, maybe, through being standardised when all airports are in reality different. That's why human beings manage ATC in the real world.

    The reason it appears to give take-off clearance early at some airports is that the entry point to the runway is not at the end of the runway and the aircraft has to taxi out to the end before actually turning and commencing take-off.


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    Default is a current overhead view of the real world EGCC. It has two approximate 10,000 foot parallel runways separated by 6,000 feet with the intent during busy traffic times to use one for takeoff and another for landing simultaneously.

    FS9 default airports do not recognize simultaneous run way operations. What scenery add-on are you using for EGCC if any. You can dedicate this type of operation by setting runway priviledges on EACH END the same, one runway for takeoff and the other for landings.

    Name:  EGCC Runways List FS9.jpg
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    This is the FS9 default EGCC partial runway information as shown in the freeware Airport Design Editor. There are others but please do not use AFCAD which is outdated and might corrupt your scenery files. The default EGCC has both runways enabled for take-off and landings. Modify so one is set for landings only on each end and the other take-off only on each end.

    The default EGCC Runway 6L/24R has ILS systems at each end and would be the preferred runway for landing. has a good discussion included about EGCC operations and design choices. Also note that while parallel, the runways are offset lengthwise from each other. This reduces taxi paths crossing an active runway.

    As John stated, there are runway entrances and exists besides the beginning points and for heavies some taxiing to one end of the runway via the runway (taxi-back) might be required.
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    In FS9 I made a fictional EGCC afcad, I had one runway for landing and one for takeoff, I made a taxi path to keep landing and takeoff aircraft apart, it ran very well.
    I once showed it to an air traffic controller when I worked at EGCC and she was impressed, she said she could see how it worked, then she said, pity we have done all the work or that could have been an option here, it made my day lol.


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