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Thread: landing left/right of runway using ILS instead of on the runway

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    Exclamation landing left/right of runway using ILS instead of on the runway

    Hi Everybody,
    With several airports i have that a plane auto lands right or left of the runway, anyway not on the runway.
    Never mind the wind directions.
    among the airports i use: EGLL, EGSS, EHAM, EHRD etc
    It happens with default scenery, also with payware.
    how to change it that the pane can land in the right way using autoland and ILS.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

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    You will need to check to see if these runways have the ILS offset by a few degrees.. This happens at many airports. It's up to the pilot to know this, disengage the autopilot and correctly land his aircraft.
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    None of those stock airports have offset ILSs, so I assume you are landing in a rather strong crosswind and the plane cannot maintain its course. Try it with no wind.

    If not, if this is happening at all airports (not just some), then it might be a magnetic variation problem - are your instruments pointing to your magnetic heading or the true heading? Sitting on runway 6 at the default EHRD (perfectly lined up) both the red numbers on the screen (Shift Z) and your instruments should be at 060, not 057.

    Hope this helps,
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    Thank for the replies.
    Unfortunately the problem was not in the mentioned things at all.
    It was in a few of my planes.

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    A while ago I was in a multiplayer session and a fellow pilot was having the same problem. I do not remember what he was flying but I think it was a payware aircraft. Turns out that the course setting had to be set on the course of the ILS or the plane landed off center or just veered off course and flew away from the airport.

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