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  1. Nice descriptions and great pictures!
  2. That was my shortest Rally flight ever. Less than 30 minutes in my usual Spitfire from Burbank (KBUR).
  3. I use FSX Acceleration mostly. Occasionally MSFS 2020.
  4. I did download the version you mentioned, I will check it out, Thanks! I started out with the default F-18 from FSX Acceleration. Had huge problems multiple times part way into the flight. So I did some searching and found this: The original team that created the F-18 for FSX Acceleration have made HUGE improvements in the Hornet. A totally new and much better version is out now and it is freeware. "FS Dream Team FSX Blue Angels F/A-18C" Here is the link: https://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,16514.msg117675.html#msg117675 "2018 FSX BLUE ANGELS F/A-18C HORNET" "LATEST FSX VERSION DOWNLOAD LINK: FSXBA F/A-18C Hornet ver. 18.3 link (as of 5 MAY 2018)" Much more exceptional than the default F-18, and it was a bonus that there was a good RAAF livery. A very big download though. There is a lot to learn to fly this accurately, but it was great fun to fly it from Darwin to Cairns.
  5. I second Kit's thoughts on the Event. I enjoyed both the Southern and Eastern route flights, but doing the Combined as well was just too much for my schedule, even though I am retired now. 3 to 4 main events per year sounds great!
  6. You did an exceptional job throughout, Great Work!
  7. He does look similar, but you would never catch me wearing shorts. The only carriers I have been on were the HMS Ark Royal (R09), my grandfather took me on a tour. And the other one was the USS Midway where she is still docked in San Diego. On neither carrier did they offer that I get in the cockpit of an aircraft. The F-18 was sure fun to fly!
  8. In the Canberra it took 2 hours and 11 minutes so an average speed of 530 miles per hour. In the F-18 going the other way it took 1 hour and 16 minutes so an average speed of 914 miles per hour. Must have had a hefty tailwind!
  9. Can I have two burgers please. No beets or ketchup, hope that is not sacrilege. And a couple of root beers if you have them please. That is the only kind of beer I drink these days. I will have to pay for it myself this time. Not on the RAAF dime anymore now that all of my Australia flights are completed! I was very glad that they paid for all the tanker fuel for the F-18 flight, in particular.
  10. Thanks, sounds like a good plan. And I will try to route through the places you suggested as well.
  11. RAAF Darwin (YPDN) to Cairns (YBCS) After talking to the pilot parked next to me the other day, he put me in touch with the RAAF. They needed someone to ferry one of their aircraft East to Cairns, and they were wondering if I was interested? YES!!! Ready to start engine in the rain. Ready for takeoff. Advancing throttle on runway 29. Climbing out. Another view of the climb out. Leaving Darwin and the clouds and rain behind. Flying East over Gove (YPGV) Turning South over Weipa (YBWP) Some weather on this route. Getting close to Cairns. 248 kts at 600 ft. Still legal, right? Runway in sight. High final for runway 15. Full stop. Now to taxi over to the party. Parked and ready to party. The Beechcraft next to me just fuelled up and left. There is room for another Gaggle participant to park here now. My thanks to everyone! This is a wonderful event to participate in!
  12. Tom, thanks a lot for the offer but I am already on my way. I will be there as soon as I can to join the party. Had originally planned to fly there yesterday but the aircraft I chose for the flight was just not reliable enough. Stalled out once, and lost an engine to boot at another time. To top it off we had a power failure during a local rain storm. So yesterday was a wash. So I found a much better aircraft this morning. It is working very well. Currently at 13,000 ft headed east. 906 KIAS and 1,003 kts Ground speed. On a side note, Canberra PR9 Marham Rose is still at RAAF Darwin. Like my buddy Kit, I have decided to fly around the world to get home again, just in the opposite direction. I will fly Marham Rose to Dean Forest regional or Tain. Kit, let me know which one you prefer? From there I will hop in my Mk XI Spitfire PL965 and fly the rest of the way home.
  13. It sure was a lot of fun! After the Chipmunk, having this much power available is intoxicating!
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