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CAA flight charts/ airports approaches

Captain Vodka

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Wanting to push my flight procedures to a more realistic level rather than buzzing across airfields 200ft up and down the breadth of the UK. So I'm looking for airport approach charts, and VFR maps charts 1:250000 scale.


Im hoping that older flight sim usable versions of these are available rather than having to pay out £16 per region of the UK etc

perhaps both hard copy and/ or pdf form ?


what else might i need ?


any advice always appreciated

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Set up a user name and password (it's free) and log in to Eurocontrol Basic...http://ead-website.ead-it.com/publicuser/public/pu/login.do. Once you get to that page after login, choose 'enter applications' and then choose 'PAMS light' and away you go. If you use the advanced search facility you can use wildcards and select particular airports like *EGLL* will get all the Heathrow info. If you just want charts for GB you can also go here: http://www.nats-uk.ead-it.com/public/index.php.html



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