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Certificate pilot rewards - uh where?


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So been playing a while and done several hundred hours of seat time. But I noticed I didnt have any certificates noted in my log. Googling states doing your "first solo" and "check rides" gives certificates.


However I have no such missions. The only "check-ride" I have is a single mission with an instructor over Hawaii iirc. The tutorials have nothing noted about certificates or first solo flight.



So what am I missing here?


FSX SE owner.

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most rewards (I believe) come out of the statistics of your logbook which is updated each time you properly shut down the sim - If the logbook is damaged it may not update. I don't recall ANY 'reward' for missions.


Open your pilots records: you should at least see your first landing documented. If there's nothing there perhaps the logbook is corrupted or FSX is not shutting down properly.


The logbook (logbook.BIN) is found in your user Documents folder under \Flight Simulator X files. It should be updated every time you fly if things are working correctly - I think it even creates a new line each time you change aircraft.



The 'rewards' file itself is at "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\GrantedRewards.BIN" and it should also update as each milestone is passed.




a new rewards window looks like so...





an old rewards window shows recognition of accumulated "progress", not so much "rewards"



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Yes, rewards are from time flown and such.

Certificates however are gained by doing the flying lessons.

I think you find those in the missions menu. I only did one or two and that was a long time ago, so not 100% sure.

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I believe the certificates are awarded by doing sucessfull tutorial lessons, not missions. If you do your first solo flight correctly according to the "instructor" built into the Sim's tutorials, and he is a picky SOB, you get a cert, you pass all his requirements for GA VFR you get your PP cert, Instrument rating another cert, and so on.

You get Awards (not certificates) for simply performing a certain number of "things". Landings, flight hours, multiengine, night hours, so on and so on.

You also get specialty awards for successfully completing a Mission. You also get Trophies, postcards, etc. for missions. Note the secret word is successfull.



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That's the thing I do not have those tutorial missions, as I said. The only tutorials I have are basic flight, none of which notes first solo flight nor check-rides.


There is also no VRF or IFR tutorials.


Certificates for first solo flight and check-rides are from the Lessons, not for the Tutorials or Missions.


Pilot records.JPG

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Ok zippy, so where are the lessons?


Wait, found them. I r dunce. Did not see the "fly this lesson" button till just now. Right now for some proper flying lessons.


Thanks peeps for sticking with it till I got it in my thick head :P

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