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Problem with Windows 10


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Folks ,

This is my first try and this , so please bare with me. Today I upgraded to Windows 10. When I ran Flight Simulator X, it started o.k. , but when I went into free flight , no picture in the aircraft box. The box where the ultralight would be. The when I clicked Fly Now , got a still picture of the Ultra lite , an engine sound but no movement. I ran Flight Simulator X disks and tried to repair same , but no good. Everything was fine under Windows 8. Anybody else out there either with the same problem or fix.

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I found a thread on avsim of someone with the same issue.



Basically he fixed it. He noticed some files were missing from the ..\microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen -folder. He had a backup, restored the files, and it was fixed.

Which exact files in that folder caused it did not become clear from the thread.


I replicated the problem by renaming the ..\Autogen -folder to ..\Autogen.bak and then starting fsx. The preview became like that.

(renaming back to ..\Autogen and my fsx is ok again)


- Check that you have the ..\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen -folder

- Make sure the folder name is correct.

-Check you have all the files in there.


Here's a list of the files in the ..\Autogen -folder. These were in there immediately after I installed fsx gold + Acceleration. In my install, one year later still just these 8 files. And the file sizes remained the same.


AutogenDescriptions.spb - - - -344 kb

AutogenDescriptions_Mid.spb - - - -287 kb

AutogenDescriptions_Min.spb - - - -273 kb

default.xml - - - -7.408 kb

Extrusions.spb - - - -152 kb

Materials.spb - - - -48 kb

RoofDescriptions.spb - - - -54 kb

TerrainAutogenClassDescriptions.spb - - - -15 kb


If you made a backup of the full ../Microsoft Flight Simulator X/ -folder after installing (or ever made one and still have it), you should be in good shape.


good luck, il88pp.





If you never made such a backup, what you could do is install FSX-DeLuxe on a second computer. But do not activate that install.

You can then get the files from that computer.


Not activating will mean you can't install the Acceleration disk on the scond comuper. But that is no problem. There is no need to install Acceleration for this.

The files should be there already in FSX-DeLuxe.


(No need to install SP1 or SP2 either on that second computer that you are doing that install to either.)




I would not try the "Repair" Option of the FSX CD. Doing so would put back those missing files back in the Autogen folder, but would also restore your hand-edited aircraft.cfg, panel.cfg files and other things to the default files.

That would mean having to do all those edits you worked so hard on.


So it's better to install to a different pc/computer, and afterwards get the files from there.

Installing FSX Deluxe takes less then an hour if you have a reasonable pc, so it is a relatively qick fix.

(Btw, it would actually take just as long as doing a "Repair", timewise.)



The reason I advise you to not activate, is beccause if you do activate on the second computer, you may mess up your current activation. You are allowed only one activation of fsx at a time. So if you activate the second one, your current install may become invalid.

(Some say it will, some say it won't. I say, don't take the risk.)



---I have to add, I don't have win10 (yet). I use win7 x64.)

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Thank You Very Much , this sounds like a good fix , but , I justed rolled back to Windows 8. I did not care for Windows 10 anyway. Everything is just fine now with Flight Simulator X.

If anybody else has this problem , this may help.


Thanks a million for your help.

Greg 261

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I upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7 sp1 and had the same problem. Tried the preview DX10 and FSX ran but with problems like missing aircraft textures and other issues with add-ons. The solution for me was to go to Settings, and to check the anti-aliasing box on the settings display screen. When you switch back to Free Flight you should now see the aircraft preview screen. FSX works just fine now and performed with all the features and functions I had with windows 7.


I hope this helps

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