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ID84 as suggested by Rupert


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ORBX Central Rockies (textures are GEX, I forgot to install FTX Global), A2A Piper Cub, Heidi in nervous mode, ButtKicker II Gamer... Me beehind still hurts... noise made the wife come down from upstairs...what sorry excuse for a runway


"Does anyone know we are flying in this thing?",

"Do you have any medical condition I should know about?",

"I hope you have insurance",

"Oh my god"


I like her nervous...



















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wow that looks like a challenge



Nah, it's OK, slight crosswind and just a little drizzle. Tundra wheels, slow, nice and easy...and just ignore the screams...


Anything faster than the Cub though - better get that insurance. Next time I'll try the DHC-6, see how that goes.

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I have used the cub there more than once and also a Grand Caravan without too much trouble. But boy the Mahle was a handful. BTW: With a CH-46, it's a piece of cake!


I'm glad everyone seems to be enjoying it! Those "interesting" STOL locations are always my favorites!

Being an old chopper guy I usually fly low and slow.
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