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Help With Black AI Traffic

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Hello everyone!

In the last days i was trying to find new AI traffic to put in my FSX, because i had ICE AI Traffic and i found some problems in it, so that i decided to searcha bit for new traffic.

After a bit of search i Found SkyAi Traffic wich is a alternative to Ice Ai (at least thats whta they say) and i gave it a try.

Well im from Portugal and i usually depart from lisbon or arrive at lisbon... and thats when i noticed that all fokker 100 from Portugalia Airlines were black but the other AI textures from other planes were perfectly fine and i found it very strange. I´ve seen another posts about this and i´ve tried to search texture problems with ACA 2013 (wich was recomended in a post i saw) but i couldnt Fix it. I hope someone knows any way to fix this or ive got to ignore and fly with this....

Another thing i dont know how to fix but its not normal in my guess is that AI airplanes when flying got a black line behing them and that started to happen today when i installed FSuiPC4 and AIsmooth.


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