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How to recover default FSX scenery files


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Hey all,


I was looking for a good Marrakech scenery FSX, and installed one and then found another. I uninstalled the first addon and tried to install the new one. When it had installed, the scenery objects were there, but there was no tarmac (runway or apron or taxiways.) So I uninstalled this scenery, but the runway and apron etc were still gone. I have no idea how to get the original Marrakech Airport back. I think I may have deleted the original default scenery file, but it is not in the trash on my PC.


I would really appreciate any help to get this airport back.




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Hi A-L

I am not familiar with that specific scenery but typically the Scenery gets selected, either by you or the Installer in the Scenery library. You You should be able to in the Menu ...Scenery and disable the newly installed and that should get you back to the default scenery. TV

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If you only 'messed around' in the folder ..\microsoft flight simulator\addon scenery ---then you are ok. The default airports are not in there.

If you deleted files from the ..\microsoft flight simulator\Scenery ---folder it could be more serious. But even then, if you only deleted what you put in yourself there should be no problem.

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