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Clark GA-43 airliner: an illustration from the 1930's and the virtual (FSX) one.


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Here's a collector's airplane illustration, sold in a 1930's Player's cigarette box. The illustrated plane is an American built GA-43 airliner.


The Wikipedia info:

The General Aviation GA-43 was an airliner produced in the United States in the mid-1930s, also known as the Pilgrim 150, Fairchild 150, and Clark GA-43. The prototype was developed and built by Fairchild's American Pilgrim division, but the program was taken over by General Aviation when the firm purchased American Pilgrim shortly before the prototype had flown. Although this first flight took place in 1932, manufacture did not commence until 1934, by which time General Motors had, in turn, gained a controlling interest in North American Aviation and merged it with General Aviation, which they already owned. The upshot of this was that the GA-43 became the first aircraft produced by North American.


Click on the pics to enlarge them


Here's the Player's illustration (found it in the readme of the GA-43)

GA-43 SwissAir Player's Cigarettes.jpg


And here's the FSX GA-43:

GA-43 01.jpg


GA-43 02.jpg


GA-43 03.jpg


GA-43 04.jpg


GA-43 05.jpg


Thanks very much for looking, I hope you liked the pics :)


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Kudos to Jan...the young?..(I don't know about that) "intellectual well respected airman":confused::confused: for illustrating us from time to time with such "weird looking" (no punt intent) birds, very nice!;)


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