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Electra II

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For all you Electra fans here are some shots of Librardo Guzman's recently released L188 Electra for FS9/FSX. I think he's perfectly captured the look of the Electra's distinctive Allison D-501 turboprop engines. This model is a very worthy addition to the great L188 Electra models already out there by Chris Buff, J.R. Lucariny, and Team KBT


The shots are of an airplane in the colors of South American operator SAM Columbia in the early 70's. SAM was among a number of Latin American airlines that picked up second hand Electra's from U.S. operators as they transitioned to all jet fleets in that time period.


The shots show push back and takeoff from Bogota Columbia's El Dorado International Airport (SKBO)


[click on the images for full screen view]













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