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what addons?

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i want to improve my current fsx with payware addons. what would you guys recommend? i usually fly within australia. So far i have:


- PMDG 777


so yeah, what sceneries weather, traffic files would you consider essential that are PAYWARE?

AMD Ryzen 3800X 3.9 GHz

GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Windforce 11GB

32GB 3200MHz RAM

1TB Crucial SSD

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this is my payware fleet:

QW 757-payware legend

QW Arvojets-future payware legend

Razbam Metroliner-outstanding little commuter/cargo plane

Carenado PA46 JetProp-like all Carenado planes its more eye candy than systems but its fun to buzz around.

Lionheart Learjet 24-quickly becoming my favorite plane; very well done.



Nothing fancy. I have REX Softclouds, which I guess are essential, and the Zinertek HD Airport graphics, which are definitly essential IMO. THey affect the whole planet.


Traffic Files

WOAI is your friend. Simple yet excellent. And free.


Really no software is "essential" so to say, but the Zinertek Airport graphics are, IMO, a must have for everyone.


Great VA! Join me at http://www.vnorthwest.com :)

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I know you've asked for sceneries etc, but the biggest improvement I've made to my FSX system is MCE with RC4.


We all have different requirements, of course, but now my co-pilot handles the radio whilst I get on with the fun bit...


Flying the plane!

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