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Default Beechcraft. Where is Nav/GPS switch,please


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I am having problems getting the glideslope when using this plane.

on the Mooney Bravo, or  Cessna, or the airliners,there is a Nav/ GPS switch.During the flight I am in GPS mode. I have put in the runway frequency in the Nav1 radio and,shortly before I am approaching the ILS beam ,I change to Nav.

I am still flying on the Heading button in autopilot, but when I see the “lines “begin to move, to indicate that I have hit the beam, I then click the Nav button in the autopilot stack and the plane begins to turn into the beam to line up with the runway.

BUT, with the Beechcraft, I do not see a Nav/GPS switch in the cockpit for me to use.

so, what happens?

I approach the beam, but of course I don’t know when I’ve hit it.

if, however, I managed to guess right then if I change from heading to nav in the autopilot, the plane will turn.

but it will also turn ( when I change buttons) at any time before I hit  the beam…..arrggh.

But , why, just this plane, apparently?

Or am I missing something?



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