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Frankfurt Airport. Why is my XP11 so slow?

Joop Kruize

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My first visit with XP11 to Frankfurt airport. This time in a Beech Baron 58. XP11 is quite good but a bit slow. A start-up of at least 15-20 minutes. It seems to be frozen on 19 FPS. But near to the ground round 6-10 FPS. Bad.



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Hi Joop.

More details about your System and Settings needed for better help.

What is your CPU speed, GPU, Memory...

XPlane, in general, is very demanding and you may want to try the settings I posted and work your way up?

One system I have an I7 @4.9, Nvidia GTX 1070, 16GB RAM 3200 in 4K Mode will only get 22 FPS at KFUL Rwy 24 2:22Z LAX Aug 11, C172 X1K, with zero time offset.

I have a number of LUA scripts that I run, I see that you also are running at least one, which does not work well for me that I can post here after you try the Settings.

At 1080 you should get around 30 FPS with the same Settings.

Trying to Record is an additional load that will make it more difficult. I end up with an LOD of around 16% to get some useful / smooth performance.

I like your Editing / Video style.



Image 001 (2).jpg


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FlyTv1. Thanks. I also use Lua,(FPSBoost) but that did not help. I use a Acer Aspire 3, A-317-52, 17 inch. Windows 11 Home 475 GB free ~50-75 GB, 64 bits. Proc.: Intel Core i7. RAM 8 GB. Res. 1920x1080, 60 Hz. RGB/SDR. Intel IRIS Plus Graphics, 4,1-128 MB video= 3,99 GB. So why is it slow with 19 FPS? I did use FS9 (FS2004) and flew around the World. My video’s are on the site of this FlightSim.com. It’s a good FlightSim. The airplanes fly better, but the scenery in the XP11 and the airplane, cockpit, instruments are better. I record with Xbox in Win11. The best there is and so easy.

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Hi Joop.

I am afraid that you will have a very difficult time getting good performance with that system, even using XP11 and XP12 is out of the question.

I have another system 14900KF, 4090, 32GB 6000, and I am unable to run at 4K in 2D, with all the slides Max except Vegetation, which I do not Like / Use since I use Ortho, any higher that 22 FPS. This system can run at 5.9 and it still not enough, I do not think there is any system presently, or in the future, that can run it with the lack of code efficiency  at the moment.

I am not sure what is going on with this group, I know they lost a couple of people and it is very likely that they are not able to handle what  they want to do.

They had a good start with XP11 and decided to go the way of useless features, that they are not able to implement efficiently, and the customers are paying the price, literally.

I use a number of Lua scripts, see one below, and Ortho, without any of the 3D crap, I actually, kill the Rain, Vegetation, Water... and can just barely have a useful / useless sim.

Some may work in XP11?

Too bad, I hope they can survive this, I am sure a couple of them will be OK for a while, but I do not know about the rest, they really messed up this release.

In B3 the cars density has changed, where you were able to get some cars close up now they do not exist.... every time they release something new they mess something else up that was never supposed to be affected, bad sign. It's an indicator that they do not have a good understanding of the overall code.

I am still hanging on but just about everyone else that I associate with have moved on, not many can afford the money to buy a system to run it.


--Clouds /rain
set("sim/private/controls/new_clouds/density", 200)  --125 default 0-1000 1000 too light
--set("sim/private/controls/clouds/kill_render", 1)
--set("sim/private/controls/clouds/kill_onscreen_render", 1)
--set("sim/private/controls/clouds/kill_offscreen_blit", 1)
--set("sim/private/controls/new_clouds/limit_coverage", 0.1)  -- not in v06
set("sim/private/controls/new_clouds/lighting_mode", 4)
set("sim/private/controls/clouds/cloud_shadow_lighten_ratio", 0.9)
set("sim/private/controls/new_clouds/kill_shadow_render", 1)
set("sim/private/controls/rain/kill_3d_rain", 1)

--HazeReduce.lua Place in ...Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts
--Try different values
-- Haze / Light
set("sim/private/controls/scattering/override_turbidity_t", 1.2)
set("sim/private/controls/scattering/multi_rat", 2.49 )  --0 to 10 use 0.5 0.4,1.0, 0.7 was 2.5 big is bright more haze
set("sim/private/controls/scattering/single_rat", 0.29)  --0 to19 1.2 10 use 0.7,1.0, 0.9 was 2.5 big is bright more haze
set("sim/private/controls/lights/photobb/dist_exp", -1.51)
set("sim/private/controls/photometric/light_storage_scale", 0.72)  
set("sim/private/controls/lights/photobb/size1", 0.74)   --1.51-
set("sim/private/controls/stars/gain_photometric", 16500)  
--use XPT_Sky_Ctrl.luaset("sim/private/controls/photometric/K", 8.0)  --3.0 large value brighter10.0
--use XPT_Sky_Ctrl.luaset("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/null_lo", 0)  -- ? 0 or1 hi =0 bright low part use 0 to see G1K knobs

set("sim/private/controls/tonemap/hdr_mid", 1)
--set("sim/private/controls/hdr/msaa_hw", 1)   --use hdr/fsaa_ratio_x 1 hdr/fsaa_ratio_y 1 hdr/use_post_aa 1
                --hdr/msaa_hw 1 , was 0 can only be set in ../resources/Settings.txt 5FPS loss
set("sim/weather/turbulence[0]",-1)    --If you change Wx relaod LUA Scripts

set("sim/private/controls/debug/kill_ssr",1)  --Kills reflections

set("sim/private/stats/skyc/fog/near_dis_clip", 0.1)    -- 0 to 1
set("sim/private/controls/photometric/light_storage_scale", 1.09)  --1 to 10
set("sim/private/controls/photometric/speed", 130)  --13
set("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/bins",1)  ---must be 1
set("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/gain_hi",0.1)  -- 0 to 1 hi nr use0.35
set("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/gain_lo",0.9)  -- 0 to 1 hi nr use 1.0
set("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/null_hi",0)  -- 0 or1 hi no change use 0
set("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/trim_hi",0)  -- 0 or1 hi use 1: 0 is dark
set("sim/private/controls/autoexposure/trim_lo",0)  -- 0 or1 hi use 1


set("sim/private/controls/terrain/kill_vegetation_3d", 1.0)
set("sim/private/controls/terrain/kill_vegetation_billboard", 1)
set("sim/private/controls/terrain/kill_vegetation_legacy", 1)
--Cars / Objects / Other
set("sim/private/controls/cars/lod_min",2000) --Distance at which road traffic is visible.
set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_cars_05", 2.0) -- default 3, 0 disables
set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_objs_06", 2.0) --3D Object Density. 0 (None) to 6 (Extreme)
set("sim/private/controls/reno/LOD_bias_rat", 5.00)  --Object (OBJ) Bias LOD. 5Low, 1 is Hi
set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_vecs_03",1)  --Road Density. 0 (None) to 3 (Extreme)
set("sim/private/controls/reno/draw_objs_06", 2.0) --3D Object Density. 0 (None) to 6 (Extreme)
set("sim/private/controls/reno/LOD_bias_rat", 5.00)  --Object (OBJ) Bias LOD. 5Low, 1 is Hi




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FlyTv1: This looks not good. XP11 and 12 has a nice scenery. But FS9 (FS2004) has a lot of good airplanes and they fly very good. Even better then some in MS FS2020. Perhaps I  go for the FSX. I did enjoy the good old FS9. Before I started with FlightGear and enjoyed the instruments but FS9 was better. Now I look around in XP11. Better instruments. Less airplanes and the speed FPS is stil to slow. What system should be better, the best? I still don’t know. Ortho? What is that? XP11 on “Steam” better?… ?? AMD, Ryzen or NVidia instead Intel.i7?…… Now I use one or two laptops to run the sim.

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Hi Joop.

The default scenery in any Ver of XP is a lot worse than FSX, even FS9.., they basically just display the roads and mountain peaks and the airports, in default as released.

But you can easily get/ create Ortho using Ortho4XP a free app, and by using LUA you can create Scripts to get better FPS, lighting...

XP12 is really useless to most users, until they drop some of the useless "features" most users will not be able to enjoy, or use it as a tool. Unless you are the type to just enjoy eye candy and are willing to accept time expansion, when under 20FPS 1min may become 1min and 20sec...

If you want to try some of the changes using LUA scripts, very time consuming, you will have a very difficult time using either XP.

Try to reduce World Objects to MIn / Left, and Texture, Visual effects also. Antialiasing is one of the worst offenders. Using Ortho can improve the enjoyment, with the Low AA you will get the Marching ants / swimming like surface / objects all over. LUA may be you best friend. Without Visual effects / HDR level the night lighting can look very inadequate.

There are some Data refs that can help, but it's a lot of experimenting and very system dependent, and you have to accept some compromises .


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FlyTv1, Tanks. I will try the Ortho4xp. And in XP11 I did not hear the ATC speaking as it was usual in FS9. With the return I can only communicate with ATC in text mode. 

From VFR I like tot use the IFR with my flightplan PlanG or other. IFR and autopilot flying is more fun and beter film.shots.

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Hi Joop.

Ortho is basically a Photo real overlay.

You can see the difference in the 2 pics I posted the default and the Ortho in approximately  the same location. I reduced them from 4K to ~1080 to save storage space on this server.

As A Real World pilot being able to recognize the area is very important. XP has no good ground references, even in XP12, they decided to get the 3D water, reflection, clouds, horrible turbulence... but it does not have very many ground references. You may be able to see some lakes, mountain peaks, airports but the lakes , roads.. can be difficult to recognize due to the poor design resolution, sharp angles that can make the area look different.

Ortho4XP is not difficult to learn and use, Photo (satellite) )scenery is available for free and after you do it a few times it will become second nature.

One Problem, BIG, is the storage space depending on the Zoom level (ZL) / resolution. I have Tiles at ZL18 that are 52GB in size, depending on the options you chose in Ortho4XP.

I suggest that Assobo FS2020 is best approach for most people. While LR says that their flight dynamics are better, it is not as good as they make it sound in many flight regimes is worse than Assobo.



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