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Transparent aircraft


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Hi Guys,

I just loaded up some of my Orbx library on my new machine. Then started up FSX. I loaded an aircraft and it is semi transparent. Things like ribs and gear, lights, interior of the aircraft are showing, but the outside is not. I loaded a couple of other aircraft and the same thing. I closed and restarted the FSX, the same thing. I restarted the computer, same thing. I assume it is something I loaded form Orbx, but I was hoping someone had an idea of what I am looking for, instead of taking it all out again. Has anyone seen this before?

I am using a FSX Gold. I have a new Alienware gaming computer and so it is plenty powerful to play it.




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Especially if any of these aircraft are using 4096 textures, plus Orbx textures will drain any system down.  Any of the great Rob Richardson aircraft would bog my system down and cause CTDs.  I had to use DTXBMP to lower the textures to 1024 and then everything was fine.

Still thinking about a new flightsim only computer!  ✈️

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