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FS2020 short keyboard list

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I can't find a list of the FS2020 short keyboard key bindings anywhere on the web. Plenty of lists for the default keyboard (101 keys or more, with a numpad and navpad) but nothing for the short keyboard (85 keys) my laptop has. Anyone seen such a list or will I have to create it myself? And is there anyway to export it from FS2020, perhaps using the developer menu?


Thanks for any help.

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OK, here goes MY 'DUMB' question..... are there commands on the full keyboard list that you would not be able to execute on your laptop? At least 18 keys on my full size desktop keyboard ARE duplicates found elsewhere on the keyboard. Just wunderin'.

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Here are a couple. There are many more.

1.  As I read it the brake toggle command on the full keyboard list is Num Decimal, which is the equivalent of Numpad Period or "numpad ."

2.  The parking brake toggle is Ctrl + Num. 

No numerical keypad on a 85 key keyboard so can't execute those.


I did a spreadsheet which lists them, attached. And instead of redoing all of them for the 85 key keyboard I thought if there were a list for the short keyboard commands I'd have a look at those first and see if they would work. It looks like no one has such a list so I may add another column to the spreadsheet with them.


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