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USAF Heavies at RAF Mildenhall, 22.10.23


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After watching KC10 84-0191 go over my house into MLD on Sunday, i made a run over to get a couple pics. Got lucky as we then had 4 KC-135 arrivals and the delayed C-5 just before the sun disappeared!!



Thanks for looking

Video is here:


C-5M 86-0019 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23-2.jpg

KC-10A 84-0191 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23-3.jpg

KC-10A 84-0191 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23-4.jpg

KC-46A 19-46064 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23-1.jpg

KC-46A 19-46064 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23-2.jpg

KC-135R 59-1480 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23.jpg

KC-135R 63-7997 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23-1.jpg

KC-135R 63-8034 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23.jpg

KC-135T 60-0335 RAF Mildenhall 22.10.23.jpg

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