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RTW Retro Flight #137 Lima to La Paz . . . . 1958


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Braniff International flight 991 is a Douglas DC-6 on a flight from Lima, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia (SPIM - SLLP).  We have 2,500 gallons of fuel on board for the 586 NM, flight. There will be light to medium multi-level cloud cover and some moderate turbulence for much of the flight. Our cruising altitude will be 21,000 feet.


Thanks to:

Aircraft: Douglas DC-6. Model by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson. The 1958 Braniff International livery is by Gary Harper.

Propliner AI Traffic:  CalClassic & FS Aviator - Tom Gibson, Mike Stevens, Jason Krogmann, Manuel Jagmann, Bill Towers, Nikko Yaginuma, Richard Wright, Frederick Coleman, Dave Jones, Paul Haak, Marty Lochmiller, Ake Lindberg, Harland Sandberg, Richard Wright and Gary Harper at www.calclassic.com

Scenery and Add-ons: MS FS2004 v9.1, MS Windows 7 Pro and:

- Lima Callao Intl. Airport scenery is by Juan Antonio Martinez Castro at www.calclassic.com

- La Paz El Alito Airport scenery is by Harry Baird, Jaap de Baare and Tom Gibson at www.calclassic.com

- The 1958 Braniff International timetable is from www.timetableimages.com

- Rwy12 and EZ Static Object and Scenery Libraries at www.flightsim.com

- FS2004 Classic Scenery Libraries File 1 v4a & File 2 v2 by Wolfgang Gersch at www.flightsim.com

- REX FS9 w/Overdrive & SP5.

- Flight One Ground Environment Pro II

- FS Genesis Western Hemisphere South.



1.  Braniff International Airways Latin America timetable effective April 27, 1958.



2.  Flight plan approved cockpit checks underway and loading passengers at Lima Callao Intl. gate eight.



3.  We have been cleared to taxi to runway 15 for departure.



4.  Up and away and lifting up the gear.




5.  Turning on a course of 115 for La Paz.




6.  Climbing through 14,000 feet.




7.  Now climbing through 18,000 feet over the Andes.




8.  Cruising at our assigned 21,000 feet. We will be flying over the Andes for most of the flight.




9.  We are about 220 NM out of Lima and off to our left we see the eastern foothills of the Andes near the village of Vilcashuamán and its ancient Inca archaeological site.




10.  Now 250 NM from La Paz near the small village of Anchayaque. There is snow on the mountain tops and we are still experiencing moderate turbulence.




11.  Having passed to the east of the mountains 140 NM from La Paz we are now over the Andean Plateau consisting of high alpine tundra.




12.  Cruising about 120 NM from La Paz we are nearing Lake Titicaca.




13.  Flying over Lake Titicaca the largest lake in South America. It is 12,507 feet, (3,812 m) above sea level.




14.  Still over Titicaca we make a slight course change. The boarders of Peru and Bolivia split the lake north and south with Peru to the west and Bolivia to the east.




15.  Now over Bolivia descending to 15,000 feet with the Cordillera Oriental Mountains off our left side.




16.  A 15,000 feet 25 NM from La Paz we turn toward the airport.




17.  With Titicaca about 25 NM off our right side we make a final turn to intercept our assigned runway 10 at El Alito.




18.  About 10 NM out with gear down and flaps 30 we begin to line up our approach.




19.  Three NM out we are lined up with flaps full. The altitude at El Alito is 13,325 feet, (4,061.5 meters).




20.  Main gear touchdown.




21.  Nose Gear touchdown.




22.  Turning off the runway and heading to parking at the terminal.




23.  Parked and passengers disembarked. There are a lot of Bolivian military aircraft here today. Thanks for flying Braniff International.





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