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XP1206B1 release, not loading.


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Hi Everyone.

I am, for the first time since XP started, unable to Start / Load XPlane. First try stopped at "Will initialize ATC", second "Done with preloading" and it will Not go beyond that.

I would suggest to everyone to stay away from XP12.

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Hi everyone.

After many hours of frustration I was able to find a single solution, make s no logical sense, but it worked for me.

Remove / Move your Preferences folder out of your XPlane directory and restart XPlane. You will need to recreate your .sit and calibrations....

Another indicator that these people have no idea what they are doing, if they cannot maintain some backwards compatibility with a couple of previous older versions of XP12.

For me it was a loss of a couple of FPS in the default mode, no Scripts running in the background, and default scenery, but a loss of over 10 FPS overall due to the fact that some of the Data refs were removed and I cannot / could not run some of my Scripts.

It also has a less resolution, at the same settings, at low level than the previous version.

I see no real improvements in the dark cockpit area, and the flight model for the C172 has not improved, just a bunch of wasted time on a bunch of nothings.


DO NOT install it on top of a working version, if you want to try it start a new minimum install.

Moral of this is, Stay away from XPlane12 if you value your sanity. Maybe one day they will get someone there that knows what they are doing, or go Open source.. Try Flight Gear.



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1 hour ago, JSkorna said:

As a beta tester, what did you expect?


To at least  Load? Is that too much to ask?

They really need to get their act together or they will soon have to buy their own product.

The Doom's day sky during right before Sunset, opposite to where the Sun is, the sickening turbulence in the 172 with no wind no clouds / clear day, the dog pee  podles all over the Rwys on a dry clear day are beyond stupid. Forget about adding some wind it gets into the scary world.

Who is in charge there? There is no way a Real World pilot would consider that to be acceptable.

There are a few fanatic mercenaries around that go all around the boards, crazyhawk, sparky...?  trying to make all the problems that exist sound like features, trying to explain the problems with some out of this world stupid logic,  and trying to make the paying customers feel guilty if they point out the problems, as if LR is paying the customers and not the other way around. I am just wondering if these people are trying to intentionally undermine the development of this product?  Just wondering if LR thinks these people are right?

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